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Local time: GMT + 1 hour
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Malta 3 hours 15 mins

Why go to Malta?

Great temperatures: Malta has a subtropical climate and boasts year-round warm temperatures. The sea surrounding Malta is the warmest in Europe, with an average temperature of 20c – great for fussy children and adults alike! 

Lots of culture: Malta has nine UNESCO World Heritage sites, which is quite a lot considering it’s one of the smallest countries in the world. The capital of Valletta is a registered site, and there are seven Megalithic Temples of Malta dotted around the island.

Nightlife: It may be small in size, but Malta has two bustling nightlife centres which are becoming increasingly popular with groups looking to have a night to remember. Paceville in St Julian’s is one of the biggest nightlife centres, and Bugibba is also full of clubs and bars to explore.

More on Malta Holidays

Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea and has a rich history, whith a lot of the island full to the brim with cultural artefacts. It’s one of the smallest countries in the world and most of it can be explored in one Malta holiday.  

Oozing with character, Malta is full of shimmering blue waters and secluded bays, surrounded by medieval fortresses and magnificent churches. You will feel right at home on a holiday in Malta –it was part of the British Empire until 1964 and so has English as an official language, and also drives on the left: no pesky right-hand drive to get used to!  

What to do on a Malta holiday  

Be sure to visit the island’s capital of Valletta: it’s a historic and bustling port town, and due to the island’s proximity to Italy, you can take a day trip to Sicily if the mood strikes you.  

Near to Valletta, visit the Hypogeum of Hal Safleni, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is a unique underground temple. Due to its historic state, only 80 people per day are allowed to enter, so booking in advance is recommended. It’s an unmissable site on a Malta holiday.

Relaxation on a Malta holiday

If you’re looking to simply lie back and relax, take a holiday to Qawra where you can relax on one of the hotels’ beaches or explore the nightlife in nearby Bugibba.  

Malta is actually made up of three individual islands consisting of mainland Malta, Gozo, and Comino, a tiny island slotted between the two. With easyJet holidays it’s possible to take a holiday to Gozo which requires a ferry transfer and gives the feeling of really getting away from it all.

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