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Local time: GMT/BST +1 hour
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Catania 3 hours 10 minutes 1 hour

Messina holidays

Planning a holiday to the main port of Sicily, Messina? This jewel of a destination makes a perfect holiday location for young and old, try a stay in the summer when the town is at its busiest and the lively atmosphere is fantastic!  

This charming town includes the Strait of Messina which separates Siciliy from Italy. The town has withstood several earthquakes as well as WWII bombings and although some of the oldest buildings have been destroyed there are some wonderful relics still left standing. A holiday to Messina would not be complete without a visit to the 12th century cathedral and its impressive bell tower and clock. If you stop by at midday you’ll get to enjoy the moving figurines that become apparent as the clock strikes. Further architectural delights include the marvellous Orion fountain (created by one of Michelangelo’s apprentices).

Things to do on your holidays in Messina, Sicily

If you’re staying in Messina then a visit to Mount Etna is a must. Just over an hour away by car, this natural landmark is very impressive. It is one of the most active volcanoes on the globe which makes it a very thrilling local attraction. You can take a guided tour up the volcano or try exploring the local vicinity by foot on one of the adventure treks available.  

Museums lovers may enjoy Messina’s Museo Regionale art museum as well as the intriguing Museum of popular culture and music and the Piazza Del Duomo's treasury which is home to some very interesting historical artefacts viewable by public visitors. If you’d rather spend your time overindulging on delicious Sicilian food or take some time out for a spot of retail therapy – Messina has plenty of restaurants and shops too. Try a lunch or dinner in one of the family run traditional eateries and don’t forget to pass by the local markets which can be found in the old quarter of the city.

Affordable holidays to Messina, Sicily

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