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Local time: GMT/BST+1
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Olbia 2 hours 20 mins 10 mins

Olbia Holidays

Olbia, the ‘Happy City’, is an energetic port city along the coast of Sardinia. In just over two and a half hours travelling you can step out into your holiday in Olbia to soak up the sun, sea and sand that Sardinia rarely fails to deliver. This lively and modern city is close to the Costa Smeralda and is popular with tourists from all across the world.

More on Olbia

The warm climate and beautiful beaches of Olbia are a big tourist attraction for the city. However, the Basilica of San Simplico is an 11th century church by the city walls that is free to be explored by history and culture buffs. Inside is a granite sculpture of a basilisk, an impressive sight that most visitors might walk straight past. The city is also known for its variety of interesting and unusual shops.    

The region of Olbia-Tempio has a beautiful mix of beaches; pebbles and dark pink sand can be found just a short walk from picture-perfect white sand and clear seas. There are plenty of opportunities for rock poolers and beachcombers to try and find their next discovery. You might have to fight for a space on the main beaches but the fun and bustling atmosphere is hard to resist.    

The Costa Smeralda is very close by and should be top of your to-do list during your Olbia holiday. The 55km coastline is the depiction of luxury with beach views that could be mistaken for the Caribbean. The beachfront is lined with 5 star hotels and the harbours and brimming with the most extravagant yachts. A visit in September will give you a view of the sailing regatta while in the summer you can cheer on the vintage car rally.    

The majority of restaurants and bars in Olbia can be found around the main harbour. The local and traditional places pride themselves in selling seasonal Sardinian cuisine with specialities including roast suckling pig, seafood and sheep cheese soup! Many of the restaurants serve mezes making them great for big groups or families wanting to try a bit of everything.    

There are a number of bars to try on holiday in Olbia, most of which sit along the harbour side. Enjoy a laidback drink with friends along the Olbian harbour side and watch the street entertainers perform against the stunning sunset over the sea. Anyone hoping to dance ‘til dawn will have to take a short trip down the coast to the clubs in San Teodoro.

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