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Language: Italian


Local time: GMT/BST+1
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Rome Fiumicino 2 hours 35 mins

Explore Rome

If you are looking to experience culture and history then why not book your next holiday to Rome? Indulge yourself when in such a photogenic atmosphere by taking pictures and creating your own memories about sights such as the Vatican, the Colosseum, St Peter's Square or the Trevi Fountain.    

Whether you are on your honeymoon, want to relax in the cafes or are in search of a new adventure, holidays in Rome will have something for you.

Immerse yourself in a world of culture when on a holiday in Rome

The Vatican City, built over the tomb of Saint Peter, is a major attraction for tourists. There are 11 Vatican museums within Saint Michangelo’s Sistine Chapel. See how many you can visit! Other famous sights include the jaw-dropping Colosseum and the Castel Sant'Angelo, by the River Tiber.    

Enjoy strolling in the great piazzas and soaking up culture: Piazza del Campidoglio represents the Italian government, Piazza Navona is known as the ‘heart of the city’ to many locals, Piazza di Spagna is famous for the ‘Spanish Steps’ and is an impress piece of architecture. Discover all the great things to do in Rome in the attractions section.    

More sights worth visiting include the Pantheon, one of the most impressive imperial buildings of Rome, and the ancient Roman Forum. Read more about Rome city breaks here.

Choose Rome holidays that fits you

Save money by booking your flight and hotel together and plan your perfect break in Rome today. You could be exploring ancient sites in no time at all!

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