Holidays in Capri

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Language: Italian


Local time: GMT/BST +1 hour
Local Airport(s)
  Flight time Transfer time
(to resort)
Naples 2 hours 45 minutes 90 minutes (taxi/hydrofoil)

Enjoy holidays to Capri, Italy

Capri is a unique island located in the Campani region of Southern Italy. The ruins of Imperial Roman villas, the Blue Grotto sea cave and Marina Piccola Harbour are among the stunning locations littered across the region. Flights to the beautiful resort usually take three hours and 30 minutes on average from London.

Why a holiday in Capri?

Capri is one of the most varied and beautiful locations in Europe. The magical 'blue legend' of the Grotta Azzurra sea cave situated on the coast of the island is breathtakingly beautiful, while Mount Solaro, situated 589 metres above sea level, offers breathtaking panoramic views of Capri.    

Capri's rugged coastline is noted for its picturesque coves and bays. The beach of Marria Piccola, situated on the south end of the island, is one of the most popular places to relax and enjoy the sunshine.    

Holidays to Capri are rich in history and culture. The Villa San Michele in Anacapri houses numerous ancient artefacts whilst offering a stunning view across the Gulf of Naples. The ruins of the legendary Barbarossa Castle can also be found to the Northeast of Anacapri. Tourists visiting Monte Solaro will enjoy the remote area of Cetrella which combines the beauty of 17th century buildings with elegant gardens.    

The island's unique cuisine allows tourists to enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean. Capri holidays offer a wealth of award winning pizzerias, trattorrias and sophisticated restaurants which serve the best the island has to offer at affordable prices.    

Holidays in Capri offer tourists a perfect blend of relaxing cafes and stylish, modern nightclubs. You can enjoy the evening 'people parade' which showcases the music and colour of the Mediterranean island or opt for a night at one of the world renowned discos located along Capri's fashionable streets.    

Cheap holidays to Capri would not be complete without a tour by boat around the island. Sunny days are perfect for a unique look at the flora and fauna which coat the sea bed and the spectacular scenery which accompanies the plethora of creeks, caves and bays.

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