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Holidays in Amalfi


Holidaymakers seeking a change of scenery from Italy's churches, ruins and museums should flock to the Amalfi Coast on the banks of the Neapolitan Riviera. This famous stretch of coastline is without a doubt one of Europe's most beautiful holiday destinations and perfectly positioned above the Gulf of Naples, Amalfi is a favourite for visitors throughout the year. Although the quietest months are between November and March, April to October guarantee the most hours of sunshine, making it a great year-round destination. Whenever you choose to visit, your senses will be treated to the citrus scent of yellow lemon groves and the tastes, sounds, and smells of the traditional fishing villages that line the coast. An affluence of things can be added to your Amalfi Coast holiday travel itinerary, such as trips to Marina Grande and tours of the Amalfi Cathedral.

Top Amalfi Resorts


Moorish-style architecture, pebble beach fronts and a majolica-tiled dome are just a few sights you can expect to see when you visit Positano. This unique village is positioned on a picturesque cliffside that hugs the Amalfi Coast. Hillside properties lead down to the coast via scenic trails. Positano has a sophisticated vibe that tends to attract an older crowd. However, its convenient links to nearby coastal towns and local landmarks, such as the 13th-century Byzantine icon of the Virgin Mary, entice a diverse crowd. If you are keen to discover the Sirenuse Islands, you can do so by boat from Positano.


Admire unparalleled views of the Bay of Naples from Sorrento. This authentic Italian town sits atop cliffs overlooking the hustle and bustle of the marinas spread out below. Home to a 14th-century church, Chiesa di San Francesco, Sorrento claims a unique position in the Neapolitan Riviera's heart. Dominating the landscape is the Cathedral of Sorrento, which exhibits extravagant architecture and a stunning clock tower. Although Sorrento is quite popular with tourists, it clings onto its traditional charm and character. Lemon and olive groves intertwine with age-old villages and seaside resorts to create a postcard-perfect setting.


A feast for all the senses awaits anyone who visits Naples. Home to just under a million residents, Naples' historic centre has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The country's third-largest city, it captivates tourists with its warm and inviting atmosphere, not to mention its top sights. Discover the delights of Mount Vesuvius, the Catacombs of San Gennaro and the Royal Palace of Naples or delve into the Catacombs of Saint Gaudiosus and Lake Agnano.

Hotels in Amalfi

Maiori | Amalfi Coast | Italy

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room / single room, Bed and breakfast

£ 1,451.28

per person


Amalfi | Amalfi Coast | Italy

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room, Room only

£ 776.07

per person


Salerno | Campania | Italy

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room / single room, Bed and breakfast

£ 279.99

per person


Cava de &'Tirreni | Campania | Italy

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room, Bed and breakfast

£ 294.55

per person


Things to Do in Amalfi

Exploring Amalfi...

Amalfi Cathedral

Dating back to the 9th century, Amalfi Cathedral is dedicated to Apostle Saint Andrew. Take the steep flight of steps to reach the Arab-influenced cathedral, adorned with medieval murals and Saint Andrew's relics. If the Baroque interior doesn't impress you, the grand bronze doors, dominating bell tower, and Cloister of Paradise definitely will.

Santuario di Maria Santissima Avvocata sopra Maiori

Italy is home to its fair share of shrines, with one of the country's most important shrines located in the Amalfi region - Santuario di Maria Santissima Avvocata sopra Maiori. The English translation for this soul-stealing tourist attraction is "The Sanctuary of Madonna Avvocata". Leading in the direction of San Vito village and Maori town, the alley that begins at the site snakes around vineyards and olive groves. After a leisurely stroll, you'll reach the complex's three main parts - the small church, XVI century monastery, and cave of apparition.

La Trinità della Cava

You might hear people refer to this landmark as "Badia di Cava", and it’s easily one of the most popular sites on the Amalfi coast. Located in a narrow valley in the Finestre Hills, the Benedictine territorial abbey houses the Biblioteca Statale del Monumento Nazionale Badia di Cava. These extensive archives are full of 8th century public and private documents, ideal for history buffs. There’s also a number of tombs to uncover, including the repository for Queen Sibylla of Burgundy.

Amalfi Beaches

Whether you are in search of sweeping coastline or bustling beaches crammed with tourist essentials, from water sports rental and souvenir shops to dining facilities, you won't be disappointed with the beaches of Amalfi. Castiglione beach is spread out below the panoramic cliff top town of Ravello. This sandy beach is much larger than Atrani beach, which is one of the coast's most intriguing spots. It assumes its position on a sandy section of coastline in Atrani - Italy's smallest town. You won't have trouble making new friends at the largest beach on the Amalfi Coast - Amalfi beach. If you’re keen to catch some rays on one of the beaches only accessible by sea or steps, such as Duoglio beach, organise a boat service through Cooperativa Sant'Andrea.

Food and Drink in Amalfi

Amalfi Cuisine

Italy is known for being of the best gastronomic spots on the planet, with the flavours of the Amalfi region favoured by locals and tourists alike. If you fancy something other than Italian, all tastes are catered to here –  there are an abundance of eateries that serve fast food, cafe bites and European specialities around Amalfi.

Amalfi Restaurants

You're in for a treat if you plan on eating out in the historic region of Amalfi. Many water-facing establishments pepper the shoreline, with sophisticated bistros and charming restaurants on hand to provide excellent cuisine. For authentic local specialities, reserve a table at Da Ciccio Cielo Mare E Terra, or Taverna degli Apostoli. Fancy traditional Italian pizza? Chow down on a slice (or two) at Da Maria Trattoria Pizzeria or Le Arcate.

Going to Amalfi with easyJet holidays

With its reputation as a must-see part of Italy, you can bet that your time spent on an Amalfi Coast holiday will be memorable. Blooming flowers and ideal temperatures make the month of May a suitable time to visit, while the rest of the year offers its own charming additions to your break. Better yet, book with easyJet holidays and you’ll save more on your next getaway. Book your hotel and flight at the same time and the cost of your coastal experience will be less.