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Naples 2 hours 45 mins 35 mins

Holidays to Caserta

Caserta is a town in the Campania region of Italy that punches well above its weight in terms of sights to see and places to go. It is located in the rolling hills and picturesque landscape of Campania, called ‘Campania Felix’ by the Romans which translates as ‘fertile countryside’. The settlement has a long history, being the home of princes in the medieval times and then by the Bourbon kings that ruled Naples and Sicily in the 17th century. They left behind them an immense palace that was designed to rival that of Versailles in France, and a local industry of silk workshops that can be visited today. With its many restaurants serving traditional and scrumptious Italian cuisine, and a number of lively bars to while away your nights in, Caserta is sure to appeal to anyone looking for the perfect Italian break.

Holidays in Caserta, home of the Bourbon kings

Caserta used to be the countryside retreat of the rulers of Naples, and was long associated with opulence and grandeur. The Royal Palace of Caserta is one of the biggest and most impressive palaces in Italy, with lavish gardens to match. The 1,200 rooms provide a fascinating sense of the lifestyle of the kings and queens, courtiers and noblemen that lived here, while the meticulously planned and designed acres of the palace park are a wonderful place for an afternoon stroll. Caserta and the surrounding area of Campania have a lot else to offer the inquisitive tourist; there is the site of the original town of Casertavecchia (old Caserta), settled in the 9th century, where the meandering cobbled streets lead on to pizzerias and scenic views over the Campanian plains. Near Caserta there are some local silk workshops that are still operational and have been running for hundreds of years, and other reminders of the town’s history such as a cathedral and a 16th-century palace.

Lose yourself in the Romans’ fertile countryside of Campania

It is easy to see why everyone from the Ancient Greeks and Romans to the medieval princes and even Napoleon was attracted to this area: Campania is one of the most beautiful areas of Italy. Caserta makes a handy and hospitable base from which to explore, for instance, the dramatic Amalfi coast, beloved of sunbathers and sightseers alike. A day trip to Capri is an option the whole family will enjoy for its Roman ruins, flawless beaches and natural wonders like the Blue Cave. Of course, there is also Naples itself, the capital of the state of Campania and a lynch-pin in the development of Italian culture and identity. The atmosphere of long-standing history, tranquillity and luxury induced by a visit to Campania makes it somewhere not to be missed, and a holiday in Caserta, home of the kings, is a very good starting point.  

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