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Reykjavik International 3 hours

Reykjavik City Breaks

  • Why Go To Reykjavik? Iceland is a magical and beautiful country and has an interesting and unique history. Reykjavik is a great alternative city break and offers visitors a memorable stay on an island which is powered volcanically!  
  • Top Attractions: Be sure to time your city break right to see the spectacular and haunting Northern Lights.

Please note: City taxes payable locally.

More on Reykjavik city breaks

Situated in the icy fringes of the Atlantic Ocean, the most northernmost European capital is a unique place to visit on holiday. Surrounded by rugged volcanic netherworld, Reykjavík is a city contrasts with the iconic Mount Esja complimenting quaint fishing huts and vivid demonstrations of modern art.

Reykjavik is a mysterious, vibrant and otherworldly experience for anyone going on a holiday to Iceland. The Icelandic capital is one of the outwardly innovative cities in Europe and makes for a wonderful holiday destination for explorers, couples and young families. With easyJet holidays offering affordable breaks all year long, the purity and welcoming nature of the Icelandic people will prove to be extremely alluring to intrepid travellers.

Attractions in Reykjavik

Meticulously clean and surrounded by pure volcanic terrain, a city break to Reykjavik is full of outdoor activities and attractions.  

Inside the city of Reykjavik there are several spas offering visitors an opportunity to revitalise the body under the Arctic sky. Some of the more popular locations in the ‘Spa City’ include the Laguar Spa, which is situated in the Laugardalur Valley, and Mecca Spa which is an Egyptian health centre that uses sea minerals. If you want value for money then look no further than the Sundhöllin pool, which is geothermically heated and you can have a massage, swim or a sauna.    

Out and about on a Reykjavik city break  

Back in the great outdoors, Reykjavik’s relationship with nature can be further explored at the Árbær Open-Air Folk Museum, which is the largest open-air museum in Iceland. The museum offers a rustic and fascinating insight into 19th century life and local craftsmen can be spotted demonstrating the traditional charms of Reykjavik life accompanied by live accordion music. A curiously twee and rewarding experience, the folk museum provides an essential insight into pre-modern life in Iceland.  

A walk through the lush gardens towards the top of Öskjuhlíd Hill will be rewarded by arriving at the finest building in Reykjavik – The Pearl. Constructed entirely out of glass, the building hosts a revolving restaurant and offers spectacular views across the city centre. Hosting a museum, café and other activities, this magnificent structure is perched on hot water tanks and is a must see destination on any city break to Reykjavik. The city has a vibrant and outgoing nightlife and during the long summer months, the sun never sets due to its proximity to the Arctic Circle, and provides a stunning experience for holiday makers to the island.

Eating and drinking in Reykjavik City

Famous for their cod and herring dishes, the Icelandic capital also serves rich dairy products and geothermal vegetables. With fresh seafood served just off the boat and complimentary portions of free-range lamb and beef, there is a diversity of restaurants and cuisines to satisfy all taste buds and budgets. Always different and providing visceral landscapes and wildlife activities, a city break to Reykjavik is nothing if not spectacular. With its luxurious spas, nature and fish restaurants, the Icelandic capital is a surreal and outlandish holiday destination for young travellers and families to book through easyJet holidays. Check out all the latest Reykjavik holiday deals for all the best prices!  

Other City Breaks  

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