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Holidays in Reykjavík

Travel Information

Language: Icelandic

Currency: Icelandic krona

Local time: GMT

Nearest Airport

Reykjavik International

Holidays in Reykjavík

Reykjavik Holidays

Reykjavik, Iceland's beautiful capital city, is the perfect destination for adventurers looking for a completely unique city break. Surrounded by majestic waterfalls, glaciers and volcanoes, the city itself is steeped in history and culture, while the nearby beaches offer amazing experiences for the whole family. Iceland's location means the country is also ideal for seeing the Northern Lights from Autumn to Spring, while in Summer the sun sets for just a few minutes, if at all, creating a dramatic setting for your Reykjavik holiday.

Things to do in Reykjavik

Take advantage of the beautiful Arctic location, and go on a whale-watching tour around Reykjavík's Faxaflói bay where you can see beautiful Minkes and Humpbacks, and possibly even dolphins and sharks in the area, too.  

On the outskirts of the city, horse riding is a popular way to see the dramatic Icelandic landscape, and a good opportunity to see some of the surrounding wildlife. If you want to take it at a slower pace during your city break, hiking tours will take you around the mountains and allow you to see some of the most stunning scenery an Iceland holiday has to offer. Inside the city, the geothermal swimming pools and spas are popular throughout the year, and there is a wealth of museums and architecturally beautiful buildings to discover. If you're visiting Reykjavík with family, the zoo is a popular attraction with children, especially the reindeer!

Going out in Reykjavík

Eating out in Reykjavík can be adventure in itself. The most popular snack food is the smoked Icelandic hot-dog, a delicious and warming lunch-time bite. There are plenty of seafood restaurants in the city, serving some unusual national dishes alongside the classics. Shark is popular, as are local game birds, and local lamb is a standard Icelandic dish during the Winter months.    

Reykjavík's nightlife is one of the most well-renowned in Europe, thanks to the long evenings and late hours. Most locals start in the smaller pubs and bars, enjoying local beers and handmade cocktails, before making their way to the clubs at around midnight. Visit the Dillon Rock Bar, an international celebrity favourite, or enjoy a cocktail in Restaurant Reykjavík's Ice Bar where the furniture and bar are made entirely from glacial ice!    

Book your Reykjavik holiday with easyJet holidays  

Visit Iceland in winter, when the Northern Lights are expected to be at their brightest, and experience Reykjavík's beautiful atmosphere. Book your Reykjavík break with easyJet holidays, and save even more by choosing your flights and hotels at the same time, so that when you get there, you can just relax and enjoy your Iceland holiday!

Hotels in Reykjavík

Reykjavik | Iceland | Iceland

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double Room / Single Room, bed and breakfast

£ 471.75

per person


Reykjavik | Iceland | Iceland

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double Room / Single Room, bed and breakfast

£ 788.63

per person


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