Holidays in Kalamaki

Travel Information

Language: Greek (English widely spoken)


Local time: GMT/BST +2 hours
Local Airport(s)
  Flight time Transfer time
(to resort)
Zakynthos 4 hours 10 minutes

Kalamaki is located on the lovely island of Zante, which is part of the Ionian Islands. It is just a few minutes from Zante airport, and only a short distance from Laganas and Argassi beaches. A holiday to Zante offers quaint villages and rustic stone architecture.

Kalamaki holidays offer just about everything a tourist could want. Along with one of the most beautiful finest sandy beaches, sun beds and crystal blue waters, this is the best place to see a loggerhead sea turtle, swimming in and out of the shallow water to lay their eggs in the soft sand during reproduction season. Vendors walk along the beach selling fruit, fruit juice and pastries for you to replenish your thirst and snack on. You can even walk over to the popular Laganas beach holiday town from Kalamaki.    

Kalamaki is home to The Fragile Bar. With its wide selection of cocktails and beers, a swimming pool, and overlooking Laganas Bay it is the most scenic of all the bars around. Kalamaki also offers two distinct Greek restaurants; one, the Casa Grecque, offers traditional Greek cuisine as well as French, English and Italian cuisine to sooth any palate.      

There are also beautiful villas to rent, with magnificent gardens to admire, and shops for tourists, making holidays at Kalamaki perfect for children and adults.

Your holiday in Kalamaki, Greece

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