Holidays in Kamari

Travel Information

Language: Greek (English widely spoken)


Local time: GMT/BST +2 hours
Local Airport(s)
  Flight time Transfer time
(to resort)
Santorini (Thira) National Airport 3 hours 30 minutes 30 minutes

Discover Kamari on your next holiday

Holidays at Kamari, located in the Santorini Islands off the coast of Greece, are so beautiful that they are guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding of tourists. Its beauty stems from a volcano eruption over 3600 years ago. This caused the longest volcano cauldron or caldera in the world to form. There are many villages built along the edge which give a stunning view of the beautiful blue waters below; it is no surprise that holidays at Kamari are among the most popular in the region. With Kamari being only 10 kilometres from the capitol of the island, it continually attracts tourists whose preferences for holidays are by the sea. It also has great historical importance with the discovery of the ancient city Thera.

Breaks in Kamari

Kamari holidays offer a very well structured beach that stretches for kilometre after kilometre in both directions. Its beach offers silky smooth black sand, water-sports, a playground, and a diving centre with a life guard. There is also the arch, called the Customs, where only the most daring go to dive.      

Not too far from Kamari are natural caves located inside rocks which are very pleasing to view. Holidays in Kamari also offer travel agencies, hotels, beach bars, cafeterias with ample choices of food, a vibrant night life, and an open-air cinema making Kamari holidays very appealing.

easyJet holidays to Kamari

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