Holidays in Santorini

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Language: Greek (English widely spoken)


Local time: GMT/BST +2 hours
Local Airport(s)
  Flight time Transfer time
(to resort)
Santorini (Thira) National Airport 3 hours 30 minutes

A Summer in Santorini

Santorini is a picture-perfect island off the coast of Greece, with plenty to see and do. Santorini’s surreal landscape and wondrous scenery is thanks to an ancient, and long extinct, eruption. With so much history and interesting sights to explore, not to mention plenty of relaxing beach time, let easyJet holidays summary of the best bits of Santorini guide you on your next holiday to this special destination.

Beach holidays in Santorini

This particular area is well known for its volcanoes. Whilst on the island, don’t miss the chance to visit what’s known as the youngest land of the Eastern Mediterranean. Palea and Nea Kameni are two small volcanic island that are part of Santorini and were formed only 2000 and 440 years ago respectively. Easy to get to by boat, you have the chance to climb the volcano up a 150 metre high path… perhaps not for the faint hearted!    

For those after a slightly more relaxing Santorini holiday, the island also has plenty to offer in the form of cocktail bars with great views as well as Oia -a beautifully picturesque village which offers a quieter night out, perfect for those on a relaxing couple’s holiday.    

The churches of Santorini are architecturally magnificent. Panagia Episkopi is constructed of marble and finished with decorative wax. For an interesting cultural experience, August 15th is when a religious ceremony takes place at the Church featuring plenty of singing, dancing and food.

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