Holidays in Kos Town

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Language: Greek


Local time: GMT/BST +2 hours
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Kos 3 hours 55 mins 40 mins

Discover Kos Town

Kos Town is the main town of the holiday island of Kos in Greece. Its origins date back to 366 B.C. and it was once home to Romans, Egyptians and the knights of St. John. Guests visiting the island of Kos will be greeted with beautiful waters, long beaches and the ruins of a medieval castle. Kos Town holidays are filled with history and entertainment. From the archaeological museum to the nightclubs, Kos Town offers a lively atmosphere for travellers.

Things to do on holiday to Kos Town

Kos has plenty of beaches stretching out along the coast. At the beaches guests can sunbathe, partake in water sports or go on boat tours. The Kos Archaeological Museum is home to a famous statue of Hippocrates, otherwise known as “the father of medicine.” It also holds statues, mosaics and other historical items. The main shopping centre offers a place for guests to find souvenirs and take home hand crafted items from Kos. The Castle of the Knights, or Neratzia Castle, is a beautiful place built on ruins of the ancient city. The Hippocrates Plane Tree is said to be the oldest and largest tree of its kind in Europe and is another attraction of Kos Town.  

Numerous beaches are found along the coast of Kos Town. A holiday trip to Tingaki beach is located close to Kos Town and has long, white sandy beaches and blue waters. Another popular holiday destination, Lambi is only 3km away from Kos Town and has a popular tourist beach with sunbeds and umbrellas available for renting. Heading to the harbour of Kos Town, visitors can find water-skiing, jet-skiing and banana boat rides. There are also opportunities for diving, sailing and snorkelling.  

Boat trips are available for guests who want to take a day trip to one of the nearby islands. Nearby islands, such as Mastihari, offer long, white sandy beaches and peaceful places to relax and spend the day.  

Numerous restaurants are located throughout Kos Town. Guests on holidays to Kos Town can find many dining choices that range from Italian to Chinese to authentic Greek food.    

Kos Town is a lively place to visit by day and by night. With numerous tavernas, bars and clubs located throughout the town, there is a place for everyone. Travellers can also find live entertainment and music at the clubs in Kos Town. With bright lights and loud music, the clubs of Kos Town are attractive to those looking for a place to party until dawn.  

Visitors can travel to the harbour area of Kos Town to find numerous guided tours. Holidaymakes can sail to nearby islands such as Rhodes and visit the popular Turkish holiday town of Marmaris, or take tours of the beautiful coast of Kos Town.

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