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Language: Greek


Local time: GMT/BST+2
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Kefalonia 3 hours 20 minutes

Kefalonia Holidays

There are many holiday locations that offer up great beaches, but these places rarely offer anything else. That's what's so excellent about Kefalonia; it not only has some of the best sea front bathing and relaxation opportunities, but also has great night life activities, alongside many other attractions too. Kefalonia holidays are the most unique, not only Greece, but the whole world, so book with easyJet holidays today.

Holidays to Kefalonia are beautiful

Of course with the beaches being as fantastic and picturesque as they are, you'll probably want to spend at least a few hours a day on the sandy shores. With the lovely soft sand and the gently lapping waves, simply having a snooze or sunbathing is a great way to spend the time. Of course you can also take a dip in the sea, go swimming, snorkelling or even go for a sail on one of the local boats.    

If you're coming as one half of a couple, you'll find there are some simply stunning views to enjoy with your loved one on a Kefalonia holiday. Whether you're taking a walk down the beaches, or finding a secluded cove to enjoy, wherever you look you're sure to get quite an eyeful.  

Where to go in Kefalonia  

Visiting the capital of Argostoli, you'll find some of the most historic buildings on the island, though many were unfortunately destroyed during the 1953 earthquake. Near the central plaza you'll find the best shops, cafes and restaurants, many of which are shaded by beautiful palm trees giving you a cooled wander through the picturesque town.    

When the sun goes down, those looking for an active night life will enjoy the local discos, pubs and music bars, letting you drink and dance the night away to your heart's content. If you're looking for something a little less active, some of the night time restaurants are a great way to enjoy the evening. Enjoy a glass of wine with a late night meal under the stars, for a romantic time. Be sure to take a holiday to Sami or a Skala holiday for the best nightlife too.    

If you're bringing a family in tow, you might like to visit the cinema in Argostoli, though during the summer you'll find there are great festivals to enjoy during the day, including amateur theatre and music fetes.

Visit Kefalonia on your holiday

Whether you come for the daytime activities, the nightlife or simply the beautiful views, Kefalonia is a great place to visit whether you're a couple or bringing your family along. Book your Greece holiday today and benefit from great savings with easyJet holidays.

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