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Holidays in Corfu


An idyllic destination worth visiting for relaxation, Corfu is also the perfect place to top up your tan and indulge in some of the best nightlife Greece has to offer.

The second largest Ionian island, Corfu consists of smaller satellite islands, each one more stunning than the last. The principal city of these islands (also called Corfu) has a rich history which stems from Ancient Greece and is reflected in its ruin sites and attractions. But don’t let Corfu’s old quarter - a UNESCO heritage site, fool you into thinking that Corfu only has quaint sights to see. Because it’s also home to some of the most incredible beaches in Greece. Coupled with amazing nightlife, Corfu is an equally hospitable host for tourists seeking culture, warm Mediterranean rays or a great night out… or two.

Corfu weather is, like most of Greece, fantastic the whole year round, moving from scorching summers to more moderate weather off season. This allows pleasant nights that lend themselves perfectly to an evening of al fresco dining or a walk along the beach. The ideal time to visit in terms of comfortable weather is from late May to late June. The taverns will also be less busy and you won’t have to barge your way to the bar. But if you like a lively atmosphere, then the season will be in full swing throughout July and August.

Swimming in the glorious ocean isn’t the only active pastime on the island; any keen hikers among you best remember to pack your hiking boots as there is a breath-taking trail which encompasses the whole 220 kilometres of the island. The unrivalled Corfu Trail is a hike which thousands have embarked on since its 2001 inception. Its many sights of olive groves, forests and monasteries prove to be a memorable experience for all of those that choose to attempt it.

Top Corfu resorts


Just a stone’s throw from Corfu Town, Kavos is renowned for its beach by day, party by night reputation. True, party animals will find a home away from home in the liveliest of the Greek isles, with its bustling club scene and wealth of cocktail bars and pubs offering plenty of opportunities to dance the night away. But that’s not to say families, couples and history buffs should avoid it. In fact, there’s a whole other side to Kavos that goes far beyond its lively nightlife. The beaches are brimming with water sports for the whole family to enjoy, while a short trip south holds the wonders of Arkoudillas monastery and the Cape Asporkavos cliffs.

Aghios Ioannis

Those who want to experience a taste of traditional Corfu village life should head to Aghios Ioannis. This picture-postcard spot is surrounded by olive and orange groves, and though it’s not situated by the coast, it’s only a ten-minute drive to Corfu’s most striking beaches and an even shorter trip to the Aqualand Water Park. For soaking up the local culture, spend a day watching life go by in the main square, or ‘plateia’, where picturesque tavernas serve ouzo – which you can taste straight from one of the local ouzo dispensaries – and delicious local fare.


Ipsos is where lively nightlife and quiet village life meet, making it the perfect spot for families and clubbers alike. The centre of Ipsos is where the party is at, with plenty of bars and clubs surrounding the hotels and the nearby main beach. All provide the perfect spot to nurse sore heads and soak up the sun. Families and couples might prefer to stay on the outskirts of town where the old fishing village soul of Ipsos comes to life – and where easy access to the quieter sections of the beach are guaranteed.

Corfu Town

A place of unique contrasts, Corfu Town has both the capacity to blow you away with its amazing nightlife and leave you in awe of its historical sites. As the birthplace of the Duke of Edinburgh, Corfu town has an equally impressive architectural look to match its regal history. The town has two grand Venetian coastal fortresses which bookmark the UNESCO standard town as far as the esplanade; this is one of the largest of its kind in the world. After taking in the rich architecture, be sure to check out the town’s equally impressive nightlife. With bars open long into the early hours of the morning, this resort packs a hell of a punch when it comes to enjoying yourself with a night on the town.


Perhaps the most famous destination of northern Corfu, Sidari also happens to be one of the liveliest. Home to a blue flag beach which spreads across 500 metres of sand and shingle, Sidari is a favourite for all visitors. Throughout the whole resort it’s clear to see that Sidari offers something for everyone; a busy strip of bars and clubs, a huge range of water-sports for all experience levels and some beautiful coastal walks which lead on to hidden coves. Whether you’re travelling with friends, family or your partner, Sidari is a place that welcomes with open arms.

San Stefanos

Those in search of a destination a little more low-key will find a match in quaint San Stefanos. Situated along the beautiful coastal road between Arillas and Avilotes, San Stefanos stays true to its fishing village roots and represents the sleepy side of Greece. More concerned with turning out amazing fresh seafood than it is with exotic cocktails, San Stefanos is the perfect choice for couples looking to find romance.

Things to do in Corfu

Exploring Corfu…

Marvel at the cliffs of Cape Asporkavos

If you’re staying in Kavos and want to get away from the party town’s hustle and bustle, we recommend renting a car and heading to Cape Asporkavos. The drive there alone sets the tone for what you’ll find, with striking natural landscape lining the coastline. Once there, you’ll encounter a peaceful oasis of rugged beauty complete with a golden beach and crystal clear blue waters. Don’t forget to bring your camera – you’ll definitely want to capture the striking views.

Eat your heart out

Foodies are in for a treat in Aghios Ioannis’s most famous restaurant, Spiros and Vasilis. The award-winning eatery is famous with locals and tourists alike, offering a delicious combination of French cooking techniques and locally-sourced Greek fare. The picturesque setting is worth it alone, with vegetation climbing over the restaurant’s whitewashed façade and palm trees lining the al fresco dining terrace.

Sisi’s Palace (Achilleon)

The Achilleon Palace is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the whole of Corfu, and it’s not just because of the endless photo opportunities this magnificent structure provides, but simply for its panoramic views of Corfu – it doesn’t get much better than here. This breath-taking site not only provides beautiful natural scenery, but it is also home to many ancient statues and artwork which tell the story of this incredible place.

Corfu beaches

Corfu’s coast is renowned for its soft, lush sand and many of the beaches have achieved Blue Flag status. Kassiopi, Paleokastritsa and Paradise beach are just three popular choices, each with their own individual charms and reasons for visiting.

With all the amenities and facilities we have come to expect from a modern-day beach, Corfu’s selection of sands really has no dud among them and they all provide an excellent opportunity to soak up some sun.

Corfu Town

In addition to the already mentioned UNESCO site old town, Corfu Town is also a beacon for excellent nightlife. With internationally recognised guest-DJs, experimental vibes and awe-inspiring light shows, the nightlife in Corfu Town is showing no signs of slowing down. Depending on your taste, Corfu Town has something for everyone both day and night.


Looking to unwind, cut loose and have fun? Look no further than Aqualand. Whether you want to shake off that sore head or relax with the family, this water park is a great day out for everyone. With a number of slides, pools and flumes to choose from, leave your valuables in a locker at the start of the day, wade around the lazy river and enjoy some serious wind-down time.

Food and drink in Corfu

Corfu cuisine

If seriously fresh seafood is what you’re after then look no further than Corfu. Caught locally in one of the many fisheries dotted around the island, catches of the day are always tasty and imaginative.

But fish is by no means the only option when dining in Corfu. The world-famous Greek salad is always a great choice for all occasions. Using only the finest ingredients, traditional Greek mezze celebrates the fresh olives grown in surrounding groves and also uses many of the great ingredients we have come to expect from Greek food like aubergine, hummus and courgettes.

Corfu restaurants

There’s nothing quite like dining the Greek way. Traditionally Greek restaurants don't observe courses as we know them and mezédes (starters) instead come out as small dishes of starters. Like a Greek version of Tapas, they’re best when shared with friends and a few drinks.

Fish dishes are understandably popular for their freshness and authenticity. Glyda is the leading restaurant for seafood and a local favourite is tuna fillet in ginger sauce – simple, yet delicious. For meat-eaters there are a number of great options and a year-round favourite is kótsi, a lamb shank casserole. Vegetarians can revel in a plethora of grilled vegetables, freshly cooked bread and keratádes which is cheese-stuffed green peppers.

Going to Corfu with easyJet holidays

For a holiday which surrounds you with all of the best bits -  indulgent food, great atmosphere and beautiful beaches, you needn’t look any further than an easyJet holiday to Corfu.