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Holidays in El Gouna

Travel Information

Language: Arabic (French and English widely spoken)

Currency: Egyptian Pound (EGP)

Local time: GMT/BST +2 hours

Nearest Airport


Water sports enthusiasts flock to Egypt’s Red Sea coastline to enjoy some of the best splash fun in the world. The modern resort of El Gouna is among the prime spots to play around in the waves. Those icy British waters will quickly become a distant memory in this specialist water sports resort. Windsurfers, kitesurfers and scuba divers can revel in these perfect surroundings. Thrill seekers are not the only ones who will enjoy El Gouna though. The stunning views and golden sands are perfect for beach-lovers. There are even massage treatments available to help you reach a state of utter relaxation, while you lie on a sun lounger.

Away from the beach and back on dry land, those looking to stay busy won’t have to look far for activities in El Gouna. A designer 18-hole PGA Championship golf course will keep dads occupied if they can squeeze in around between the wealth of family fun. An aquarium, paintball arena, go-kart track, quad bikes and horse trekking combine to create a memorable destination for children. El Gouna itself is an attractive modern harbour town. The blend of architecture with the lagoons and small islands is particularly eye-catching. After dark, it stays alive with plenty of fun activities, including trendy bars and casinos. There are even night-time beach events, including barbeque parties and traditional Egyptian music. Other than catching 40 winks, holidaymakers in El Gouna don’t ever have to leave the comfort of the beach.

Top El Gouna resorts

Zeytouna Beach

El Gouna’s most popular beach is the picturesque Zeytouna Beach. It’s the perfect spot for families. Children can splash around in the shallow waters. Those looking to try snorkelling can plunge into the warm sea from Zeytouna’s long jetty. It’s something of a tradition. Romantics should head to Zeytouna at sunset, stroll arm-in-arm with your loved ones and watch the sun setting behind the mountains.


A maze of waterways and tiny islands head inland from the Red Sea in El Gouna. It’s a stunning photo opportunity, as beaches, trees and bridges connect. We recommend hopping aboard one of the local boat tours to explore this labyrinth. Some of the town’s highlights can be spotted on this water-bound route. It’s fascinating to see how the natural features have been incorporated into this luxury setting.


Locals in El Gouna will provide you with a welcome committee to enjoy the town’s nightlife. But for more enthusiastic nightclubbers, the place to be is the nearby favourite of Hurghada. Found just down the coast, Hurghada is a lively clubbing destination, where the dancing goes on and on… and on some more. A Ministry of Sound club can be found in Hurghada, where big name European DJs play sets throughout the year. 

Hotels in El Gouna

El Gouna | Red Sea | Egypt

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room, All inclusive

£ 397.48

per person


El Gouna | Red Sea | Egypt

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room, Bed and breakfast

£ 492.72

per person


El Gouna | Red Sea | Egypt

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room, Bed and breakfast

£ 451.52

per person


Things to Do in El Gouna

Exploring El Gouna...


Underneath the tranquil, warm waters of the Red Sea lies a submerged paradise. Colourful coral reefs, fascinating sea life and several shipwrecks can be discovered off the coast of El Gouna. You might even get a chance to swim alongside dolphins. Diving lessons are available from several local centres. These provide professional training before you head out on a guided dive.


You’re on holiday, so treat yourself. El Gouna boasts several renowned spas, specialising in a range of treatments, including steam baths, saunas and massage. These are suitable for couples, so you can unwind side-by-side with your loved one.

Tawila Island

Just an hour’s drive from El Gouna, the sandy beaches of Tawila Island are a wonderful place to explore Egypt’s sealife. Dolphins frequently play next to swimmers or follow the boat on the ride to the island. Even by standing still, you can see tropical fish weaving between your legs through the clear waters. Water sports and beach activities are available on Tawila too.

Beaches in El Gouna

Holidaymakers flock to El Gouna to relax on its sun-kissed beaches. The year-round warm weather ensures a taste of paradise can always be found there. While the sands of Tawila offer an untouched, quieter experience, the lively Zeytouna is El Gouna’s most popular beach. Amidst the sun-bathing, we recommend trying your hand at dancing lessons or a game of beach volleyball.

Food and drink in El Gouna

Egyptian cuisine

Along the Red Sea coast, much of Egyptian cuisine is dominated by fresh fish. But there are so many diverse influences in Egyptian cooking, that you will unquestionably find a dish that you want to try again and again. Kofta is one of the most common dishes. These are spiced meatballs served on a skewer and accompanied by freshly-baked flatbread, salad and tahini sauce. Vegetables play a major part in Egyptian cuisine too. Mahshi is a particularly delicious meal to try. Courgettes, peppers or aubergines are stuffed with rice and seasoned with herbs before being baked in tomato sauce. 

El Gouna restaurants

Family-friendly restaurants can easily be found in El Gouna around the main tourist attractions and hotels. These cook up cuisine from across the world. More authentic Egyptian food is usually in the downtown area. As well as locally-caught fish and kebabs, the scent of roast pigeon, lamb and aubergines float through the night air.

Going to El Gouna with easyJet holidays

If sun, sea and sand are what attracts you to Egypt, then El Gouna is the perfect destination for you. With miles of golden sandy beaches, inviting warm waters and a range of activities both in the sea and on land, El Gouna is ideal for the whole family. To book your holiday to El Gouna, then look no further than easyJet holidays. The best thing is you can save on your holiday by booking a flight and hotel together. If you’re still looking at other Egyptian resorts, then take a peek at our other Egyptian destination guides.