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Holidays in Cyprus

Travel Information

Language: Greek, Turkish

Currency: Euros

Local time: GMT/BST+2

Holidays in Cyprus

Holidays in Cyprus

  • Top Resorts in Cyprus: Holiday to Ayia Napa for the nightlife, relax on Paphos' beaches, or visit Limassol for its history. 
  • When to go: Due to the year-round good weather, Cyprus holidays are great for any time of the year, whether you want a winter warmer or some summer sizzle.
  • Top attractions: The Ayios Neophytos monastery in Paphos for culture enthusiasts, WaterWorld Waterpark in Ayia Napa for all the family, and the Kolossi Castle in Limassol for some great pictures. 

Why book with easyJet holidays? 

There is a range of competitive deals on offer which are constantly changing.


More on Cyprus

Cyprus is located in the warmth of the Mediterranean sea. it's a sandy paradise and with influences from Turkey, Greece, and the Middle East, it's fascinating country to visit. legend has it that the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite was born from the waves on Cyprus' beach and it's easy to see why - Cyprus is simply stunning.  

Visitors are attracted by powerful romantic folklore, epic narratives from over 10,000 years of fascinating history, and of course the vast array of culinary delights on offer. 

Who should go to Cyprus? 


If you're looking for an alternative clubbing holiday then check out the Paphos holidays on offer. A holiday to Cyprus surprisingly has a lot of fantastic nightlife on offer - plus you'll feel a million miles away from home! 

History Buffs 

Paphos also offers a whole range of history to discover - it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For even more history take your holiday in Limassol and lap up the culture of the historic fortress town. 

Beach Addicts 

Beaches are in abundance in Cyprus and the best beaches include Nissi Beach near Ayia Napa which is popular with young groups, and Fig Tree Bay which is great for families on holiday in Cyprus. 

What's the culture like? 

Cyprus is famous for its food, so whether you've been raving or rambling, there's no need to go hungry. Local specialities include haloumi cheese, dolomades, and kleftiko. A divide runs across the country with the Greek Cypriots residing in the south and the Turkish Cypriots in the north. This has led to a unique culture with strong influences from both areas running through the country. Cyprus drives on the left as well, so if you hire a car out you'll feel right at home!

Love this? Then you'll love...

  • Greece for its history and similar beaches. Discover the connected history of the two nations by taking a holiday to Rhodes or explore the other Greek destinations on offer. 
  • Similarly a Turkey holiday is great for getting to know the deep-rooted history of this area, or simply to enjoy the Mediterranean climate.
  • A holiday to Egypt is only another 45 minutes flying time on top of Cyprus'; this fantastic country is surprisingly accesssible when you book with easyJet holidays.

Discover what to do in Cyprus and beyond with easyJet holidays

Things to do in Cyprus

Are you ready for Cyprus? easyJet holidays have prepared you a line up of Cyprus' biggest and best attractions. Whether you're after sun soaked beaches or electrifying night clubs, our guide can point you in the right direction.

Places of interest  

  • Cyprus is full of rugged mountain trails, but few are as beautiful as the Troodos Mountains. Enjoy a relaxing week of walks and fine wine in the remote village of Agros.    
  • For breath taking views, head down to the Larnaca Salt Lakes. Relax and gaze out at the picturesque Hala Sultan Tekke shrine and the many ‘Greater Flamingo’ that gather there.  
  • If you prefer to put your feet up, Cyprus is renowned for first class spa facilities boasting seaside lounging and custom body treatments.  

Cyprus Beaches  

  • With around 320 days of sunshine a year you'll never be short of somewhere to soak up the sun or let the kids paddle in the crystal waters.
  • See yourself as a bit of an angler? With Cyprus' warm climate, it's no wonder both locals and tourists are found catching tuna and amberjack throughout the year.
  • Discover some underwater magic scuba diving off the coastline of Akamas. With virtually no tides or currents, it's perfect for beginners or experts alike.  

 Limassol and historical sites  

  • Limassol is the historical heart of Cyprus. Visit its museums or the ancient Curium ruins and castle at Kolossi for some spectacular archaeological spectacles.    
  • Half way between Larnaca and Limassol, you can find Choirokitia; a wonderfully preserved stone-age settlement, dating back to six or seven centuries BC. It's a highlight of the eastern Mediterranean.    
  • While you're in Pathos, check out the Roman houses excavated in the 60's. They're packed with colourful and detailed mosaics.    

Ayia Napa and Nightlife

  • In Ayia Napa sits the largest water theme park in Europe. It's full of attractions and slides for all ages and is a great, safe day out for the whole family.  
  • Fancy some local cuisine? Ayia Napa's restaurants offer a smorgasbord of local dishes. Or fish and chips if you fancy! Variety is the spice of dining in Ayia Napa.  
  • Ayia Napa's nightlife is legendary. Bursting with themed clubs boasting big name DJs, it's the perfect holiday location for singles or couples looking to party when the sun goes down.    

With so much to see and do in Cyprus, you'll never find yourself short of entertainment. Book your holiday to Cyprus with easyJet holidays and get away for less by combining your easyJet flight and hotel.

The Princess Beach

Larnaca, South Cyprus, Cyprus

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double Room / Single Room, bed and breakfast



Paphos, West, Cyprus

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double Room / Single Room, half board


Sun Hall

Larnaca, South Cyprus, Cyprus

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double Room / Single Room, bed and breakfast


Alexander The Great Beach

Paphos, West, Cyprus

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double Room, bed and breakfast


Hilton Cyprus

Nicosia - South, South Cyprus, Cyprus

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double Room, accommodation only


Palm Beach Hotel & Bungalows

Larnaca, South Cyprus, Cyprus

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double Room / Single Room, bed and breakfast