Holidays in Corsica South

Holidays in southern Corsica

France’s beautiful island of Corsica plays host to a curling coastline dotted with magical coves and bays to explore. Limestone cliffs emerge from the sea and rolling green pastures and vineyards sprawl across the mountain tops to provide the picturesque backdrop of the island. Southern Corsica is where it’s at, and it’s no wonder that it’s such a huge hit with holidaymakers from all over year after year.

Eating and entertainment in southern Corsica

The harbour front of cosmopolitan Ajaccio plays host to the trendiest bars and boutiques of Corsica, as well as a number of chic designer restaurants with plenty of extravagance and drama in the decor as well as the food. Read more about holidays in Ajaccio.    

Bonifacio’s bustling port hosts numerous quaint cafe terraces serving up Corsica’s best dishes. Traditional Corsican cuisine features cured sausages and seasoned lamb and rich creamy cheeses, all sprinkled with delicious wild herbs.  

The channel of Bouches de Bonifacio is nestled between Italy’s Sardinia and France’s Corsica and provides breathtaking views of the dramatic landscapes of both islands from atop a boat. The striking sun-kissed cliffs rise from the ocean to merge into the archetypal marquis and medieval pathways of Corsica. Corsica’s shoreline is famed for its crystal clear waters and silky white sand spread across the enticing half-moon bays carved into the coast. Visit Corsica in the spring to witness the gorgeous wildflowers blossoming in the pastures, whilst the falling leaves cloak the mountain tops in dramatic red hues in the autumn months.

Experience southern Corsica today

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