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Unusual items you may want to bring with you.

Sometimes you may want to bring some unusual items with you in the cabin or hold. Please take a look at a few questions and answers we’ve put together below to help you. But the best way to see all of the dangerous goods that you shouldn’t be packing in your hold luggage, is to see our dedicated dangerous goods page on easyJet.com.

Can I take camping equipment or stoves with me?

Can I bring Christmas crackers or party poppers with me?

Can I take my pet or any other animals?

Can I take ashes or remains (pet or human) on-board?

Can I carry food and drink on-board with me?

Can I take my wedding cake and dress on-board?

Can I take dry ice on-board?

Can I take print or toner cartridges?

Special declaration of value for goods.

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