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Sports equipment

You can take most sports equipment as well as your hold luggage, when you fly with us.

Sports equipment comes in all shapes and sizes so to make it easy we have just two categories to choose from - small or large.

Small sports equipment like a ski pack or golf bag can be no heavier than 20kg. Large sports equipment like bicycles, canoes and surf boards can be up to 32kg per item. No single item can be heavier than 32kg and we can only accept one item of sports equipment per passenger.

You can pool the total weight of your sports equipment and hold luggage. For instance if you purchase a small sports item and a standard hold bag you would have a combined weight of 40kg to distribute across the two items.

"Small" Sports Equipment "Large" Sports Equipment
Items up to a maximum of 20kg Items up to a maximum of 32kg
Golf Clubs / equipment
(inc shoes)
(Due to dangerous goods restrictions battery powered bicycles, e.g. eBikes/ electric bicycles cannot be accepted on-board.)
Skis, Boots & Poles
(if you are bringing both skis & boots you can pack these in separate bags.)
Canoes & Kayaks
(You can pack your boots in a standard snowboard bag.)
Wind surfers/Surfboards
Diving equipment Hang-gliders
Para glider
Pole vaults
(up to 450cm)
Sporting firearms
(please see requirements below)
Sporting wheelchairs
(You are entitled to carry 2 pieces of mobility equipment free of charge)
Other small sports equipment
(Any other small sports equipment items not in the list can be packed in your hold baggage (such as a tennis racket). If it doesn't fit in your existing allowance simply buy another item of hold baggage or additional weight and pack suitably for travel in the aircraft hold.)
Other large sports equipment
(If you're looking for a larger/bulkier item or an item with an unusual shape, and it's not already in the list then please call our Customer Services team (i.e. for items longer than 450cm or similar to larger than a canoe or bicycle)
• Each passenger (excluding infants) is allowed to bring ONE item of sports equipment
• Due to carrier regulations sports equipment cannot count as general hold luggage and must be itemised
• Up to a maximum of 6 large sports equipment items per booking are allowed. If you wish to carry more please call the Customer services team

Can I pool my sports equipment & hold baggage allowance?

How can I add sports equipment to my booking?

Can I buy additional weight for sports equipment on my booking?

What happens if I can’t find the sports equipment item I want to carry?

What is the maximum number of sports items I can have in one booking?

Can adults, children and infants bring sports equipment with them?

Specialised sporting equipment.

Sometimes certain items of sport equipment can’t be put into the same group as nearly all other items. Two special items that need to be packed in a special way are competition firearms and bicycles.

Please click on the links below for information about these two items: 

Can I take my bicycle with me?

Can I take my sporting or competition firearm with me?

Travelling with an unusual sports item?

Sometimes you may want to bring some unusual items with you in the cabin or hold, for more information on these please see our unusual items FAQ.

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