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What do I need to know about flying with children?

We want to make travelling with children easier, and to support this we will promise that:

  • If you’re travelling with children under 5, we’ll board you early;
  • You can bring two items for free including a push chair, buggy or car seat;
  • You can choose your seats in advance to ensure you sit together;
  • We have kids snack packs onboard, with games to keep kids entertained;
  • We support breastfeeding mothers and you can feed your baby on board at any time

To help you, here’s how we differentiate between infants and children:

  • An infant is anyone younger than 2 years old; and a child is 2 years and above.
  • At 16 they are considered an adult.

Flying with children

Travelling with children should be as easy as possible. This video answers some of the most popular questions including permitted travel items, luggage allowances, food, drink and seating.

Tickets and prices for children and infants

Expectant mothers

Selecting the right seats for you and your family

Children and baggage

Check-in with children and infants

Security with children and infants

Airport facilities

Travelling alone with children or infants

Boarding with children and infants

Children's entertainment on-board

Food and drink for children on-board

Baby changing on-board

Other hints and tips for travelling with children

What ID documents do children need?

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