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What can I do on-board?

As we don’t fly any long distances, and to keep costs down, we don’t offer in-flight entertainment like movies or music. We do, however, have our in-flight magazine which you are more than welcome to take away with you. Traveller has lots of information about the destinations we fly to and other interesting articles about the rest of our network.

So, not only do we have our Traveller magazine, you could also take advantage of having a flick through the easyJet Boutique and Bistro magazine. Inside the covers you’ll find a large range of: hot and cold drinks, alcoholic beverages, sandwiches, sweets, confectionery and other snacks. 

While in the easyJet Boutique and Bistro magazine you could also scan through the duty free pages and look for the ideal gift for the mother-in-law, the uncle you have forgotten about, or even just splash out on yourself as part of your final bit of your travels.

Special occasion announcement during flight

If you are celebrating a special occasion and would like an announcement to be made during the flight please ask our cabin crew and we will do our best to make your flight extra special.

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Inflight returns FAQs

What is the returns policy if I have changed my mind?

Can I exchange a product?

The item(s) I purchased are faulty or damaged, what should I do?

I’ve missed the 28 day window for my change of mind return, what can I do?

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