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Unsecure network

If you were presented with “Unsecure Network” warning in the app, we couldn’t securely connect you to our systems. We take the security of your data seriously; therefore we have put your app in offline mode. You will still be able to see your booking information and you boarding passes as long as you have previously downloaded them.

Try opening your browser and going to m.easyjet.com to see if you can directly connect to the Internet. Coffee shop, airports, hotels and corporate Wi-Fi sometimes need you to log in first.

If you are still continuing to have issues, then we would like to understand why you are being affected so we can improve your app experience further.

Please contact us on the below email addresses providing as much relevant information as possible, such as type of device, what network connection you were using (3G,4G,home wifi,public wifi), your location and whether you were using any sort of proxy servers.

iOS users email us at App.Feedback.iPhone@easyjet.com
Android users email us at App.Feedback.android@easyjet.com
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