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Oversales is something that many airlines do and we understand that on the rare occasion that it does happen, it can be very frustrating for our customers. So, why do we do it?

Last year, nearly 3 million easyJet customers didn’t show for their flights. When this happens, it means aircraft leave with empty seats, increasing our costs and therefore the price you pay for your flight.

So, to make sure we keep our prices low for all of our customers, we will sometimes sell more seats on the flight if we know that there is a high likelihood of passengers not turning up.  We assess this by looking at the history of each flight, and reviewing what happened previously. We will always ask for volunteers to give up their seats in the first instance, and only a tiny proportion of our passengers are unable to take a flight due to oversales.

We acknowledge how stressful and inconvenient this can be for those affected, and if you are one of these passengers, we will support you and do what we can to make sure you get to your destination on the next available flight.

In accordance with EU regulation 261, we will ensure all affected passengers are supported on their journey and given financial compensation for the inconvenience. For further information on your rights as a passenger, have a look at our dropdowns below.

Your rights explained.

In the event that there are insufficient seats on a flight for all passengers, we will always ask for volunteers to transfer off the flight in accordance with EU law.

What are my rights if I have volunteered my seat?

If insufficient voluntary passengers come forward, easyJet would unfortunately need to select a small number of passengers to transfer off the flight.

What are my rights if I am unable to board my flight due to oversales?

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