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What to do if your baggage is delayed or missing?

We do appreciate that for various reasons, on occasion, things do go wrong and we have also been working hard to keep you informed and reduce the inconvenience as much as possible.

If you have been unfortunate enough to experience the rare event a bag does not travel as planned, don’t worry - we are here to help reunite you with your baggage.

easyJet is industry leading when it comes to Delayed Baggage performance and we are constantly looking to improve this further. According to the SITA Air Transport Industry Insights Report (2015), the industry average is that 7.3 bags are delayed for every 1000 customers flown. At easyJet, we are proud to say our performance for 2015 was only around 7% of that number.

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How do you find my baggage & keep me up to date?

What if I need some essential items whilst I’m waiting on my baggage?

What am I entitled to if my baggage is lost?

Who will deliver my baggage?

Why has my baggage not travelled with me?

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Airport contact details

To identify and track lost or delayed baggage you can get in touch with your airport's handling agent. 

Click here for a list of baggage handling agents for each associated airport.

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