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What if I have flights booked but can no longer travel?

If you can no longer travel, as with all new and existing bookings you are able to transfer your flights to a later date online without a change fee, up to 2 hours ahead of departure through Manage Bookings.

What if I have symptoms or test positive for coronavirus within 10 days before departure?

If you have symptoms you should not travel or go to the airport. You will still be able to transfer to an alternative flight up to 2 hours before departure through Manage Bookings. If you need to contact us you can complete our on line ‘Contact us’ form where you can detail your situation. On provision of a valid satisfactory doctor’s note we may in our discretion reimburse the change fee you may have paid or provide a voucher for future travel.

What if I have COVID-19 symptoms?

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, please do not travel to or access the airport terminal. You should follow the guidelines set out by the health authorities.

Do I need to arrive at the airport earlier than normal for my flight?

Please arrive at the airport in good time to ensure you can provide all necessary documents and complete all pre-travel checks before departure and regularly check Flight Tracker for any changes to your flight.

Will there be social distancing at the airport?

Social distancing rules at the airport may be the same as they are in other public spaces. So please adhere to these. There may also be signage at the airport to assist you.

Will there be social distancing on board?

Guidelines set down by the regulators do not require social distancing on board due to the practicalities of commercial air travel and so there are a number of other measures in place to protect customers and crew on board, including enhanced disinfection effective in protecting against coronavirus for at least 24 hours and the requirement for all customers and crew to wear masks on board. Where there is availability passengers who wish to move in the cabin can ask our crew to do so once boarding is complete.

Can anyone accompany me to the airport?

Some airports are limiting access to travelling customers and anyone providing essential assistance to those customers only. For more information contact the airport directly. We advise that you check with the airports you are travelling to and from for full details of the measures that will be in place. We also strongly advise that all customers check our interactive map for the latest travel restrictions and entry requirements to ensure you are aware of the latest requirements covering the airports you are travelling from and to, as there are substantial fines imposed in some regions for breach of travel restrictions.

What happens if I do not pass the temperature checks?

Where there are pre-departure temperature checks and you do not pass these, you will be unable to travel.

Will I be able to buy any food or drink at the airport?

When planning for your journey, please be aware that airport facilities for food and drink may also be limited during this time. For specific details, please check with the airports you are travelling to and from in advance of travel.

Will there be any inflight services provided on board such as food and boutique?

The majority of our flights now offer our complete in-flight retail service. You can explore what’s available within our latest Bistro & Boutique range by visiting our App or website. If your flight is affected and does not offer a retail service on board, we will inform you via Flight Tracker. Drinking water is available on request from your cabin crew. Please note, all our flights are cashless so payment is by card only.

Can I use cash to make payments at the airport?

At this time, cash is not accepted for any easyJet payment at the airport, only card payments. (Exceptions: France & Switzerland)

Will the procedure for boarding and disembarking the aircraft change?

When it’s time for boarding and disembarking, please follow the instructions of the ground and cabin crew. We may ask you to board and disembark the aircraft slightly differently than you are used to when flying initially resumes, so please listen closely to the instruction of our ground crew.

Will temperature checks be done on departure and arrival?

This will vary by airport. For some journeys, there may be a check at departure and on arrival as it depends on the country or airport requirements. We would advise customers to check with the airports they are travelling from and to ahead of their journey for more information. Where there are temperature checks, if you do not pass you will not be able to fly.

Will customers be able to eat and drink on board?

Our Bistro service is currently available on selected flights only, as detailed above. However, customers can still bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks on board if they wish. Drinking water is available on board, on request from our crew. You can temporarily remove your mask when eating and drinking whilst seated.

Will there be any brochures or magazines on board?

No physical brochures or magazines will be located in seat pockets on board, only our easyJet Safety Card; these are sprayed with disinfectant which provides surface protection against viruses for at least 24 hours.

Can I expect any additional checks when I arrive at my destination?

Exit screening may be in operation at your arrival airport. Those showing symptoms of Covid-19 as identified in the airport by the local public health authorities may be refused to continue their travel.

Will customers be able to wash their hands at the airport and on board the aircraft?

Hand sanitiser can be found at the airport as well as plenty of soap and hot water. Soap and water are available on board.

Will there be any change to the general use of the toilet facilities on board the aircraft?

Our crew will be managing use of the toilet facilities on board in order to avoid queuing.

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