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easyJet operates allocated seating on every flight on its network and operates a strict priority boarding system.  You will be boarded in the following order:

Group 1: Speedy Boarding:

Passengers who:
    • Are an easyJet plus cardholder
    • Have a Flexi booking 
    • Have purchased an 'Extra Legroom' or 'Up Front seat'

+ Special Assistance: Passengers requiring special assistance and families (maximum 2 adults) where at least one child is aged 5 years or under.

Please note: For passengers entitled to “Speedy Boarding”, in order to take advantage of this service you must be present at the gate and ready to board within the first group of passengers. Once boarding of the remaining passengers has commenced, we cannot guarantee that you will be able board ahead of them. “Speedy Boarding” and “Special Assistance” passengers are invited to the board the aircraft first, followed by our remaining passengers.

Group 2: All other passengers on a first come, first served basis.

Remember our boarding gates usually close 30 minutes before the schedule departure time of your flights so make sure you arrive at the airport in plenty of time. Certain airport are subjects to different gate closure times. Always consult your flight confirmation email and boarding pass for details.


We appreciate that there are some passengers who require assistance. After prior arrangement with our staff we will do our best to assist wherever possible by providing more time for such passengers outside of the main boarding groups

If you have specific requirements, please do let us know by either

  • Pre-booking these when you book your flight  
  • Advising us via the relevant booking confirmation in Manage Bookings at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight

We can then ensure that appropriate equipment and resources will be organised at the airport.

Seating exceptions

Safety is our main priority at easyJet, so there are some seats on the aircraft that are not suitable for all passengers, which are

  • Row 1
  • Overwing exits
  • Last row

These seats are only suitable for able-bodied adults as you may be required to assist the crew in the highly unlikely event of an emergency. You will be prompted at the time of booking if you try to select these seats to confirm that you

  • Are age 16 years or over
  • Are not pregnant
  • Are not disabled
  • Are not mobility impaired
  • Do not require a seat-belt extension

Please assist us to board the aircraft as quickly as possible, and therefore depart on time, by not booking these seats if you do not meet the above criteria, or you are travelling with infants or children.

Denied Boarding

We make every effort to provide seats for people who have a confirmed booking. Rarely, a seat may not be available at check-in on a flight which operates for which a passenger has a confirmed reservation and in these circumstances our denied boarding rules will apply.

Details of our denied boarding rules are available on request at check-in counters.

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