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England’s capital is not only the largest city in Western Europe, but is also its most vibrant. The home of the Queen, Big Ben and the famous Hackney Carriage is also home to one of the most cosmopolitan populations in the world, which has left its mark on this ancient yet very cutting edge metropolis. 

London is a world city of truly global proportions. Visitors come here to experience the world’s best restaurants, top hotels and its varied nightlife. But they also come for another thing, the culture. If there is a world capital of culture then London must surely be it. Plays and musical productions pack the city’s famous West End, while museums and art galleries, such as the iconic British Museum and the Tate Modern wow visitors with their huge exhibits.  



Put yourself in an astronaut's space boots at the Science Museum's current blockbuster, Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age. The exhibition brings together the biggest collection of historical Soviet space program memorabilia the UK has ever seen, including spacecraft, gadgets and space capsules. Russia pioneered the space age and sent the world's first artificial satellite, Sputnik, into orbit in 1957

At Clerkenwell London, the concept is simple: this elegant shop is a temple of beauty, covering all of its forms. Exquisite homeware is displayed artfully by rails of designer clothing. Delicate jewellery sparkles alongside custom-made perfume. Even the vintage vinyl spinning on the in-house bar's record player is for sale. These are the kinds of wares that nourish the soul. You won't want to leave. clerkenwell-london.com

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience. The tables are laid out incorrectly, the food is, well, questionable, and the service utterly ridiculous. But then, that's to be expected at this interactive dining experience based on the hit British sitcom about a dysfunctional seaside hotel. Certainly your hosts, Basil and Sybil Fawlty and, of course, poor suffering waiter Manuel, ensure all their guests are suitably entertained, at least, with a hilariously convincing performance throughout the three courses that includes many nods to the series. Just don't mention the war. Tickets from £52pp, faultytowers.net

It's National Sausage Week (2 to 8 November) this month and if there's one thing the team at easyJet Traveller love it's sausages. Aside from eating them, we've just discovered you can learn how to make them at one of The Ginger Pig's butchery classes in Shepherd's Bush. With a three hour class incorporating full tuition, recipes, and a group dinner to eat your product afterwards, the only snags will be the ones in your belly. For more information visit thegingerpig.co.uk/butchery-classes/.

The Suffragettes and Steve Jobs are the visionary bookends of this year's BFI London Film Festival. The annual movie gathering kicks off with Suffragette, starring Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan, chronicling the rise of the early feminist movement while Steve Jobs, Danny Boyle's biopic in which Michael Fassbender plays the turtleneck wearing super geek behind Apple, closes proceedings. In between there'll be the usual cheers, jeers and tears as the capital rolls out the red carpet for the world's film community for the 59th time. The festival runs from 7 to 18 October. bfi.org.uk/lff

Run or Dye or, preferably, both, if you want to make the most of this colourful 5K event (though don't worry, walking is also perfectly acceptable). The latest in a number of ‘colour runs' to be staining various spots around the country in recent years, that is, where participants get pelted with paint as they make their way around a set-course, it's simply good, not very clean, fun. Even better, kids under the age of five can take part for free. See runordye.co.uk for details of upcoming events.


The fact that War Horse is the biggest tearjerker of the last decade won't come as surprise, but if you're not one of the seven million people worldwide whose heartstrings have already been obliterated by these equestrian puppets then you'd better get in there quick. The record breaking, National Theatre run is coming to a close in March 2016, so use these Christmas holidays wisely, and witness an extraordinary tale of loyalty and friendship versus the First World War's brutality. warhorseonstage.com

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Eccentric characters (big and small), catchy songs, awesome set design with special effects, and a whole lot of chocolate means this theatrical version of arguably Roald Dahl's greatest novel is bound to leave a very sweet taste with all. charlieandthechocolatefactory.com

Matilda: it started as a wickedly magnificent book, then morphed into a wonderfully hilarious movie, and is now the most marvellous of West End musicals. Essentially, it would seem the brilliance of Roald Dahl's classic children's story, about an extraordinarily gifted child, flows into whatever art form it takes on. So, don't be an ignorant little slug (as Miss Trunchbull would say), go and check it out for yourself. You won't regret it. Runs at the Cambridge Theatre until 20 December 2015. matildathemusical.com

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Years before escape games became ‘a thing' across Europe, the innovative team behind A Door in a Wall were putting teams of would-be Sherlock Holmes's to the test with their interactive murder mystery scavenger hunts. Join them next month for their latest

"The Jam: About the Young Idea" Paul Weller, Rick Buckler and Bruce Foxton, that is, the three members of The Jam, one of Britain's most influential punk rock/mod bands of the 70s and 80s, have gone through their drawers to pull out all their scrapbooks, letters, fanzines and more. The result is the most comprehensive exhibition about their rise to glory. Catch this incredible, personal insight into their trailblazing life at Somerset House until 31 August. somersethouse.org.uk

Everything in life is so much better when you have a cat. At least that's the ethos of London's first ever cat cafe, Lady Dinah's, and if the 65,000 people who visited it in its first year of opening is anything to go by, they're probably not alone in their thinking. Keen to get away from the need to book months in advance to meet their 12 furry residents (it's tough being popular, eh?), these moggie lovers have introduced walk-in sessions this summer. Get there early for a purrfect start to the day. ladydinahs.com

WIMBLEDON Strawberries and cream, sophisticated clapping, 50 shades of white and possibly the most British thing of them all, the humble queue. Yes, Wimbledon is back for another year and so are all our favourite tennis champions to bid for the title. If you didn't get a ticket (and don't have a few hundred spare for the few remaining ones), then get up super-early (like 5am) and do it English-style by queuing with the rest of the merry minions for a ground pass. It's much cheaper and actually a lot of fun. wimbledon.org

It's not often you'll go on about spending the night in an old car park, but then it's not often that an old car park has been taken over by the Hawker House team as it has for the Dalston Yard Street Feast. Expect a line-up of London's best street food traders, pop-up bars, and a young crowd in the know having a blast. Find it in east London's trendy Dalston from this month (until late September) to see what we mean. streetfeastlondon.com

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