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You may have heard of the world famous Rock of Gibraltar, but do you know what this iconic piece of rock situated at the southern end of the Iberian peninsula has to offer?

Gibraltar’s appeal as a travel destination continues to grow with activities as diverse as they are plentiful.  This British Overseas Territory is almost entirely surrounded by water other than the narrow isthmus which links it to mainland Spain, where the main road into the city crosses the runway where your flight will arrive and depart!  Gibraltar is less than seven square kilometres on the outside, but inside lies a myriad of caves and tunnels that stretch for almost fifty kilometres, and hold some of Gibraltar’s biggest mysteries and secrets.

Gibraltar’s legendary tale is filled with battles and sieges that weave civilisations and cultures through the ages.  This historical legacy lives on today and can be enjoyed in its numerous attractions.  Make sure you bring enough memory space in your camera as Gibraltar offers visitors views of unparalleled beauty both on land and at sea.  Wildlife flourishes on the Rock’s porous limestone and its flora and fauna are world renowned and of conservational importance.  Visit the Upper Rock Nature Reserve and you’ll be clicking away for hours, taking snaps of the famous Barbary Macaques or inside the Great Siege Tunnels or St Michaels Cave, one man made, the other natural.

Gibraltar is also a vibrant city with a range of leisure pursuits to suit all tastes and budgets.  The busy bustling café society of Casemates Square transforms into lively nightlife with live entertainment and music from young resident bands.  Or why not try Queensway Quay or Ocean Village Marinas where the nightlife and cuisine experience continues.

If the beauty of the place puts you in a romantic mood then you won’t be the first.  The warm climate and natural dramatic settings have led to a significant rise in couples choosing to wed and honeymoon on the Rock.  Gibraltar earned its status in the romantic stakes in the 1950s and 60s following a string of high profile weddings, including John Lennon and Yoko Ono!

If you’re after the ‘local’ experience then you will be struck by the vibrancy and colour of local life.  A myriad of cultures have lived harmoniously in Gibraltar over the centuries, and thanks to this a wide range of internationally inspired dishes can be found in the Rock’s many restaurants.

Shopping?  Gibraltar welcomes millions of tourists every year and if you’re after a bargain thanks to Gibraltar’s VAT and Tax Free status, many of you will head to Main Street, the centre of Gibraltar’s commercial district and the scene of some of the best value shopping on the Mediterranean.

A visit to Gibraltar is certainly much more than you can imagine. 



Not the best known of the sights, but hiking the Mediterranean Steps equals truly spectacular views. The path starts at the entrance to the nature reserve and crosses the south side before descending the craggy ridge.

The 3rd International Literary Festival will take place between October 20-23 in Gibraltar, featuring world-class writers and speakers. There is also a burgeoning Autumn Cultural Programme with music, art and dance productions. Check www.visitgibraltar.gi for more information on both these events.


Take a break at Gibraltar's delightful Alameda Botanical Gardens with its lush foliage, meandering paths and air of history. This was the scene of Molly Blooms infamous sexual exploits in James Joyce's Ulysses. (http://gibraltargardens.gi)

The extraordinary St Michael's Cave is well worth a visit with its impressive stalagmites and stalactites; it is also used as a venue for concerts - acoustics don't get much better than this!

A Celebration of Opera is celebrated in May in the evocative surroundings of St Michael's Cave, with its otherworldly stalactites and stalagmites and unbelievable acoustics. Check dates at www.philharmonic.gi.

Day Trips

Bolonia is a short trip 60km trip due west from the Rock and home to both a blissful white sandy beach as well as some truly impressive Roman ruins; Baelo Claudia, with a paved forum, thermal baths and a good museum.

Consider taking a trip on the most spectacular train line in Spain. The Algeciras-Ronda route dates from 1892 passes through some of the finest scenery in Andalucia, including pristine cork forests, whitewashed pueblos, dramatic mountains and quaint stuck-in-time-warp railway stations.

The glorious white sandy beach of Bolonia (15km northwest of Tarifa) is well worth a day trip; aside from the obvious sun and sea attractions, it is also home to some impressive Roman remains, which include the remains of a paved forum, thermal baths, a theatre and columns.

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