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Menorca, in harmony with nature

The island of Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands, is a place of great natural beauty and an outstanding location for outdoor sports and activities. Explore the vast natural landscapes, swim in the crystal clear sea and indulge in delicious local cuisine: there are so many reasons why Menorca should be your next holiday. 

1. Get close to nature

An island of just 700 square kilometres, Menorca is a haven for nature and nature-lovers. Declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve 25 years ago, the island boasts one of the best preserved territories of the Mediterranean. Explore Menorca’s shoreline and you’ll be rewarded by stunning views over unspoiled beaches, gullies and cliffs. Beauty spots inland are tucked away between valleys and villages, where gently rolling hills shelter fields and woodlands. The diversity of the island’s landscape also means that it is home to many uniquely Menorcan and Mediterranean animals and plants.  


2. Get active outdoors

Have you heard of the Cami de Cavalls? A 185-mile trail which runs alongside Menorca’s coastline, it’s a great way to explore the island. Hike, bike or ride a horse along it, and you’ll be guaranteed miles of unrivalled views, wildlife and maybe even a hidden cove for a cooling dip in the sea. 

Menorca is also the perfect destination for mountain biking. With numerous country lanes and small roads across the island, gentle rolling hills and a coastal breeze, the terrain is enticing for amateurs and professionals alike. 

3. Take to the water

The seas surrounding Menorca are tranquil: this is the Mediterranean after all, and therefore a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. The climate is mild and the water is a pleasant temperature - ideal conditions for kayaking, stand-up-paddle-boarding, or even just swimming in one of the coves.

All along the coast there are a number of businesses and schools where you can find information about all the different water sports available, hire equipment and have lessons. And if you don’t fancy being in the water, why not hire a boat and spend a day on the water instead?

beach in Menorca

4. Relax in the sun

Menorca is undeniably famous for its coves and beaches. Along the coastline you will find over seventy of the very best beaches and the water surrounding the island is beautifully clear, so anywhere you go you will be able to enjoy the sand and sea. Some beaches are more suitable for families, with many facilities, whilst others are more secluded, tucked away in completely unspoiled surroundings.

Just imagine sunbathing on a boat moored in a secluded cove, with a good book and surrounded by peace and quiet

5. Treat your taste buds

Indulging in the island’s cuisine is an excellent reason for visiting Menorca. Traditional Menorcan recipes, passed on down generations, are proof of the richness of local products and of how these dishes have become part of today’s culture.

Try savoury tarts made with locally grown vegetables, indulge in Mahón-Menorca cheese and local cured sausages (sobrasada, cuixot and carn-i-xulla), and dine on freshly caught seafood, perfect when accompanied with some local wine from one of the many vineyards.