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Barcelona Nightlife


Foxy Bar
Flea market furniture, pop culture pin ups and affordable drinks draw Barcelona's modernos (that's Spanish for hipsters) to this bar on the wrong side of Raval. The street terrace is the perfect coffee pitstop by day, whilst a curtained booth at the back adds an air of secrecy by night.

Address: 59 Carrer de la Riera Alta | Telephone: 93 180 6004 |

La Bombilla
Run by a Catalan mixologist and French wino, La Bombilla is the latest to throw its hat in the ring for title of Sant Antoni's hippest hang out - the staff's bowties and braces possibly giving them an unfair edge. Sunday's "Bloody Vermuts" see DJs swing by for some audio and aperitifs. 

Address: 13 Carrer Manso | Telephone: +34 622 834 806 |

This cosy nook of a bar is hard to track down, but with walls lined with bookshelves, art and potted plants it offers some romantic respite for a weary wanderer. Potent spritzes and cocktails, together with occasional live music, prevent the atmosphere from getting sedentary. 

Address: 8 Pou de la Cadena | Telephone: |

Situated in Barcelona's craft beer mile (running the lower part of the left side of Eixample), Mikkeller's 24 taps offer local hopmeisters a wide variety of Danish brews in a stereotypically Nordic-chic setting. A rustic Catalan food menu and a few regional beers add a local touch.  

Address: 202 Carrer de Valencia | Telephone: 93 323 2743 |

Madame George
Lavish glass chandeliers, blue satin curtains, period furniture and Persian carpets (unexpectedly stapled to the wall) give a decadent air to this drinking den, which offers a tantalising menu of OTT cocktails, and often throws a DJ into the mix. 

Address: 179 Carrer Pujades | Telephone: |

Coco Vail Beer Hall
Established by two native Barcelonins after their journeys in the States, Coco Vail brings American beer culture to the city, with big trestle tables, friendly service and classic bar food just off the Passeig de Gracia. As for the craft ales themselves, there are 24 taps, around 90% of which are local brews.

Address: 284 Carrer Arago | Telephone: 93 782 2479 |

Casa de les Punxes is one of Barcelona's most fanciful buildings and making a visit all the more compelling is the modern and spacious Matalaranya vermuteria, where the thirsty traveller can imbibe Yzaguirre vermouth from nearby Tarragona. 

Address: 260 Carrer de Rossello | Telephone: +34 930 16 01 2 |

A slick and spacious modern venue that speaks for the (still welcome) gentrification of the Sant Antoni district, Bitter is a cocktail bar with its own curated menu of concoctions based on classics, such as Lavender Collins, Grapefruit Margarita and Bloody Oaxaca (a Bloody Mary made with Mezcal). Good for groups of friends.

Address: Carrer Viladomat 17 | Telephone: |


La Terrrazza
Don't expect to raise the roof at this notorious nightspot - because there isn't one! Instead you can dance under the stars to booty-shaking house music in the courtyard of a mock Balearic mansion on Montjuic mountain. The closest you'll get to Ibiza in BCN.

Address: Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Gu | Telephone: 687 969 825 |

It's lack of cool status is the best thing about Karma, a rock and pop disco underneath Placa Reial that you can reliably get into without any forward planning. If you're too old for queues and grinding to r'n'b then slip inside and remember you get a free drink with your entrance ticket.   

Address: 10 Placa Reial | Telephone: |

The perplexing layout of this Brazilian bar - wicker seats place in rows as if they were deckchairs - doesn't seem to bother the cosmopolitan crowd who file in and out for the house's legendary caipirinha made with 54 per cent homemade cachaça. A lively stop off on any Passeig del Born bar crawl.  

Address: 17 Passeig del Born | Telephone: 669 246 928 |

Sala Apolo
This converted theatre is a go-to venue for Barcelona's in-the-know clubbing crowd. At this time of year keep an eye out for the roster of Primavera Sound festival concerts that take place either side of the main programme in Parc del Forum.

Address: 113 Carrer Nou de la Rambla | Telephone: |

You won't find any prima donnas on the dance floor of Moog, a place that has been serving up minimal techno beats to Barna's chip-and-blip clubbers for 20 years. An even smaller room upstairs offers a poppy respite from nonstop electronica.

Address: 3 Arc del Teatre | Telephone: |

At the suavest sipping point on Placa Reial, you can warm up on the relaxed ground-floor lounge first before waltzing downstairs into a bare-brick cellar full of good-lookers sipping expensive g'n'ts. The DJs know how to get the booties shaking, and things usually get sweaty at the weekends.

Address: 13-15 Placa Reial | Telephone: 93 676 4814 |

El Cangrejo
One of the city's iconic venues, during the early part of the evening drag queens stage comic theatre and flamboyant karaoke (in Spanish), whilst later pop hits from the 80s onwards turn the dance floor into a seething sweaty friendly mess.

Address: 9 Carrer Montserrat | Telephone: 93 301 2978 |

Espit Chupitos
Chupitos means 'shots' in Spanish and this bar serves up an incredible 600 varieties, their names chalked up on the wall for selection. Many involve setting the bar on fire...

Address: 8 Passeig de Colon | Telephone: |

Senor Lobo
A classic no frills Spanish student "discoteca", Mr. Wolf is a stripped back space with nothing but a bar and some podiums to dance on. The lack of decor doesn't inhibit Barcelona's young tearaways from descending en masse for 90s theme parties, as well as various pop and rock extravaganzas. 

Address: Carrer Almogavers 88 | Telephone: |

This relaxed bar club throws itself open to various events during any given month, including the excellent parties where you can twerk it to classic 90s rap and r'n'b, as well as the Paradise Sessions replete with "electrotropical" rhythms. 

Address: 74 Passeig de Sant Joan Borbo | Telephone: 93 225 0263 |

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