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Asturias Shopping


The traditional shopping streets are in the centre of Avilés, such as La Cámara, José Cueto, Fernández Balsera and La Fruta, an area where there is also a Shopping Mall. This traditional offer is complemented by the commercial centres located on the city outskirts, such as La Carriona, and the shopping and leisure centre in the neighbouring Corvera district.


Oviedo is essentially a commercial city. Crafts and gift articles in the old quarter: el Fontán, Plazas de Riego and Porlier, Cimadevilla, Rúa or Águila. Fashion, perfumes and gifts in the centre : Uría, Conde de Toreno, Avenida de Galicia, Gil de Jaz, Marqués de Pidal, González del Valle, Pelayo, Covadonga, Melquiades Álvarez, Nueve de Mayo or Campoamor. Bookshops in Plaza de Riego, Doctor Casal and Pelayo. In central Oviedo you will find two shopping malls: Salesas and the Calatrava Complex.


There are also plenty shopping centres and areas in the city (the latter awarded with the National Prizes of Domestic Commerce), such as Calles San Bernardo, Los Moros, Corrida, Langreo, Asturias, Álvarez Garaya, Uría, Cabrales or Marqués de Casa Valdés. The district of La Calzada also has fine services on streets such as Calle Brasil and Avenida de La Argentina. The Ecological and Crafts Market deserves a special mention, held on the second weekend of each month in the Plaza Mayor, with musical activities, exhibitions and enactments of trades. The street market is also well worth a look, held on Sunday mornings, or the Hermanos Castro Park.


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