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Asturias Restaurants


It’s no secret that you eat well in Asturias. Its great natural pantry (the sea, the countryside and the mountains) offers everything you could possibly want, and backed by the guarantee of the best raw materials. Fabada (bean stew), potes (traditional stew), seafood (spider crab and barnacles); fish (hake and monkfish), Asturian veal and, of course, a wide variety of traditional cheeses (more than 40, making Asturias ‘a little Switzerland’), are just some of the most typical dishes and products.

For those with a sweet tooth, try rice pudding or pastries like casadielles, frixuelos, etc. for dessert…always accompanied by cider, that genuine apple elixir, around which many social events are celebrated and whose ceremonious pouring is considered an art form worth seeing.

The heavens of Asturian gastronomy have been adorned with five Michelin starts: two awarded to Casa Marcial ( www.casamarcial.com ), which has earned the most, and one each for Casa Gerardo (www.restaurantecasagerardo.com ), Real Balneario de Salinas (www.realbalneario.com) and El Corral del Indiano (www.elcorraldelindianu.com ) . But the truth is that the excellence of Asturian cuisine is not limited to restaurants found in this French guidebook. Almost any Asturian restaurant is as a worthy representative of this paradise of fine astronomy. These range from traditional eateries where the cook gets up at 6 am to slowly cook fabada on a coal stove, as the traditional recipe requires, to any of the members of the ‘Mesas de Asturias’ quality club. Because in Asturias, gastronomy is also culture.

The quality of our native products stands out, as do the abilities of Asturian chefs to innovate based on tradition… Asturian gastronomy is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of this region.

Don´t leave Asturias without trying:

- Fabada (bean stew)
- Pote asturiano (traditional Asturian stew)
- Seasonal seafood
- Rock fish
- Veal - Pitu Caleya (traditional village chicken)
- Game (seasonal)
- Traditional cheeses (With DOP: Cabrales, Afuega’lPitu, Casín, Gamonedo)
- Corn cakes
- Spelt bread and sweets (frixuelos, “arroz con leche” - kind of rice pudding)

Cheap Restaurants

Bowie's Meal House
Stop off for lunch or supper at this American-type diner, and enjoy the atmospheric, fun, 50s style decor. Portion sizes are generous and the Black Angus burger or home-made chicken nuggets come highly recommended. There's a children's menú available for the kids, who'll love the milk shakes and pancakes.

Address: 2, Javier Grossi | Telephone: 984 040 135 |

Billy Bob
Fun American diner sports typical 50s décor and serves a mean, tasty burger that won't leave you hungry. There's a good choice of other dishes, including goodies from their pizza oven and divine deserts. 

Address: 11 Fray Ceferino | Telephone: 984 496 302 |

Affordable Restaurants

Sidrería Casa Carmen
Asturias is famous for its ‘Cachopo', a huge, fall-off-your plate veal cordon bleu and it's the house speciality in this no-frills cider bar one block back from the beach. There's also squid, octopus, monkfish and mussels for fish lovers and divine cheesecake to round off a memorable meal. 

Address: 26 Manso, | Telephone: 985 334 415 |

Feira Pulperías
Looking for a new experience? Try this new bustling ‘octopus bar' overlooking the central square in the old town. There's a choice of good, no-frills dishes but unsurprisingly, octopus Galician style (sliced small and heavily doused with paprika) is the signature dish along with Padron peppers. Don't be surprised to see the white house wine served in a jug accompanied by bowls not glasses. It's Galician tradition.

Address: 8, San Francisco | Telephone: |

Good Quality Restaurants

This Michelin-recommended fish restaurant has joined this year's list of the 100 best restaurants in Europe. You may be parking next to a Maserati but don't expect fancy decor. Do expect relaxing views of the beach and the mother of all oak-fired barbecues, where chef Abel will cook the day's catch to succulent perfection. Punters come and are prepared to pay for the fish - there isn't a steak in sight. (Lunch only this time of year, except on Fridays and Saturdays)  

Address: 84 Playa de Vega | Telephone: 985 860 863 |

Casa Gloria
Take the opportunity to taste the wonderful dishes of two-starred Michelin chef Nacho Manzano at prices that won't break the bank. Last year the renowned chef opened this elegant, bistro-style restaurant in central Gijón. As well as his signature dishes, lobster salad, roast beef carpaccio and homemade wild mushroom ravioli are on the menu. There's a choice of tapas size dishes or full portions.

Address: 3 Plaza Florencio Rodríguez | Telephone: 984 299 490 |

Vicente Crespo
Push the boat out for that special occasion and taste the myriad flavours on offer in this welcoming small gem of a restaurant tucked away in Gijón's town centre. The maritime themed decor will put fish lovers in the mood for skewered monkfish, lobster, sea bass and much more but the fillet steak and Asturian free range chicken are also delicious. This is traditional Spanish cuisine at its best.

Address: 3 Periodista Adeflor | Telephone: 985 347 488 |

Los Pisones
Stylish, welcoming restaurant located on three floors of an old manor house with an attractive garden. Fish lovers can enjoy mouthwatering wild sea bass, red mullet or seafood paella and the speciality grilled ‘ñocla', the local word for brown crab, makes the perfect starter. ‘Pote asturiano', filling spicy soup-cum-stew makes a good alternative and their cheese cake the perfect dessert. http://www.restaurantelospisones.com/nuestra-carta/

Address: 38-40 Carretera Villaviciosa | Telephone: 985 899 168 |

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