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Asturias Nightlife


Avilés could be considered a pioneer in the region of Asturias as an area of night-time amusement, spreading and growing within the boundaries of its magnificent old quarter. The Avilés nightlife spreads on Galiana Street where pubs, terraces and cafeterias are along the street´s arcade that formed what is possibly Asturias´ most original bar zone. On one hand, Rivero Street has bars for a younger clientele. La Ferrería Street is more ambiguous with a large number of pubs.


The old quarter concentrates the night spots and cider-houses. There are also nearby districts of Fomento, with some bars specialized in Latin music, and Marqués de San Esteban Street, with cafeterias and pubs. There are also pubs around Capua Street and Naútico Street. In addition Instituto Street and the surrounding streets, plus the El Carmen District form the so-called Wine Route, busy day and night.


Nightlife lovers will easily find places to relax and have fun, especially in the streets around the old quarter, where the offer is interesting and varied. Starting with those intended for youngsters in Quintana Street and Rosal Street, there is a more university atmosphere in the following streets: Mon, Carta Puebla, Carpio, Fuero, Máximo y Fromestano, Rúa, Ildefonso Martínez, San José or Martinéz Vigil. For all kinds of clients, there is an excellent offer in Del Riego Square, and on the strets of Cimadevilla, Aguila, Jovellanos, La Luna or Schultz



Café La Biblioteca
Call into the town's favourite grand café for a pre or post dinner drink. A touch of Art Nouveau decor and memorabilia creates a vibrant atmosphere where you can choose from a good variety of imported beers as well as the local tipple and other drinks.

Address: 7 Rui Pérez | Telephone: 984 835 037 |

El Circulo
Stylish bar in the lively harbour area offers an excellent selection of special cocktails and a good variety of beers. It's a great place to relax and soak up the atmosphere after dining in one of the nearby eateries.

Address: 11, Marqués de San Esteban | Telephone: 693 932 414 |

Gin-Tonic Point Barceló
This is a super stylish lounge bar in central Oviedo where you can relax with either a pre or post dinner cocktail. There's an excellent selection of spirits and mixers that you can combine as you will. Just sit back and enjoy!

Address: 13 Cervantes | Telephone: |

La Galana
If you want to try the local cider this is the place to go. Slap bang in the main square 100 yards from the sea, it's Gijón's most emblematic cider bar, where locals gather for a pre-dinner drink and tapa. http://www.restauranteasturianolagalana.es/ 

Address: 10 Plaza Mayor | Telephone: 985 172 429 |


Chelsea Café Lounge
Cool, stylish central bar provides a comfy sofá area to lounge and chat, as well as good music, a great vibe and dancing for those who want to party. Good selection of high end gins and cocktails.

Address: 4 Arguelles | Telephone: 619 019 740 |

Lanna Club
This late-night central venue blasts out electro techno music to the twenty-somethings at weekends.  There are both live music concerts and visiting international DJs to delight the crowd.

Address: 2 Corrida | Telephone: |

This ritzy, low-lit café is housed in a fancy building in the harbour area. It's a favourite with Gijón's young crew, with non-stop dancing to latin music until 5am. They serve great 'pinchos' (fresh snacks) to keep you going.

Address: 9 Marques de San Esteban, Gijón | Telephone: 985 347 887 |

Urban Cocktail Club
Choose from a great selection of drinks served by friendly knowledgeable waiters in this cosy cocktail  bar within a stone's throw of Oviedo's Cathedral. There's also a choice of alcohol free cocktails for those  recovering from too much partying.

Address: 1 Aguila | Telephone: 985 212 323 |

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