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Unique, different, inimitable, unforgettable...

That´s Asturias. Don't miss this intriguing Spanish destination known for it's natural unique crisp-tasting ciders and stunning scenery. An authentic paradise, full of emotions, sensations, memories and experiences, where it is possible to enjoy nature in its purest form, a pioneering and innovative form of rural tourism, mountain peaks, more than three hundred kilometres of surprising coastline and breathtaking cliffs, charming fishing villages, friendly, affable cities, a castro, a prehistoric cave….and more, always with the best cuisine and the warmest tables as a backdrop.

Asturias has it all, and inspires you to come explore it.

Have you ever thought about the number of experiences you can only have in Asturias? Here are just some of the “Made in Asturias” adventures that you won´t want to miss.

A CIDER THAT IS POURED, in its natural form. Asturias is the only region that has preserved and passes on the technique and art of cider pouring, which enables us to enjoy its many nuances and natural flavour. 

FOLLOW THE CANTABRIAN BROWN BEAR in Teverga, Somiedo and Fuentes del Narcea

VIEW OF THE PICOS DE EUROPA MOUNTAIN RANGE and the Cantabrian Sea, from the El Fitu observation deck, located between Arriondas and Colunga, looping across the Sueve range. One example of the coexistence between the sea and the mountains.

UNIQUE ART: Asturian or Pre-Romanesque art. Declared a world Heritage, Oviedo and its surroundings conserve the most emblematic jewls of what was the Kingdom of Asturias.

DISCOVER THE STARTING POINT OF THE WAY TO ST. JAMES at the Cathedral in Oviedo, the first stop on the oldest route of the pilgrimage, established by Asturias King Alfonso II, the Chaste.

CAVES, which preserve the art of our ancestors, while at the same time serving as a place to age internationally famous cheeses, such as Cabrales.

IMMITATE THE INTERNATIONAL DESCENT OF THE RIVER SELLA like a true professional, between the towns of Arriondas and Ribadesella.



Interested in gastronomic events? October sees Asturian festivals focusing on food. Oviedo enjoys its famous ‘desarme' day on the 19th, when, according to legend, the region's enemy was ‘disarmed' by the town's hearty cuisine. Restaurants celebrate the event by offering a hearty meal of cod, chick peas and spinach, with rice pudding or pancakes for dessert. And at the beginning of November, the region celebrates ‘Amagüestu', an autumn harvest festival, where you can try ‘sidradulce' (sweet, unfermented cider) and roast chestnuts in the town squares, along with other warming snacks.

Summer festivals kick off in July with Gijón's annual ‘Semana Negra', held in the former shipyards on the Poniente beach, with a book fair, street entertainment, concerts and street-eats (7th-16th). http://www.semananegra.org. In Avilés? Then don't miss this year's Festival Intercéltico, when musicians and pipers from several countries join local groups and food stalls offer Asturian goodies .

Key Areas

Cinema lovers can go to the Gijón International Film Festival, held from the 17th-25th of November in various venues across town and watch movies in the original version. And if you're into soundtracks, the Film Symphony Orchestra will be performing in Oviedo's Principe Felipe Auditorium on the 3rd of the month.

Visiting in August? Gijon's Semana Grande is de rigueur, with free concerts from the 5th to the 15th when there's a grand finale with fireworks on the beach at midnight. And if you're a sixties fan, Gijón's Euro Groovy Festival! (3rd-,5th) is a celebration of ‘Mod' culture with music, a scooter rally, a market and exhibitions. https://euroyeye.es/

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