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Almeria Nightlife


El Cafetín del Siglo XXI
Futuristic decor and a chilled-out atmosphere make this a popular destination from early evening till late.

Address: 1-3 Calle Guzman | Telephone: |

Juan Francisco
This friendly city-centre bar attracts a whole host of locals who tuck in to top tapas with their caña (beer).

Address: 53 Calle Hermanos Pinzón | Telephone: |

Bar La Cueva
A chilled-out spot serving great coffee as well as alcoholic drinks. Ideal for an after-dinner visit.

Address: 23 Calle Canonigo Molina Alonso | Telephone: |


La Borracheria
This is a wonderful, small, atmospheric bar in the old town which quickly becomes packed at the weekends. It is a must-visit venue for any pub crawl through the historic area of the city.

Address: 69 Calle Real | Telephone: |

La Parada
Close to the Cathedral, La Parada gets going quite late and is best visited on a Friday or Saturday night.

Address: 5 Calle Eduardo Pérez | Telephone: |

La Borracheria
In the heart of the Old Town, this intimate bar is always busy, with revellers often spilling out onto the street. Have a drink here before moving to the next bar: there are plenty in the area.

Address: 69 Calle Real | Telephone: |

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