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Cheap flights to Warsaw

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Warsaw is a city with a memory. Although many European cities suffered as a result of the devastation left behind from World War Two, none were destroyed as much as Warsaw. In 1944 Nazis nearly erased it from the map when they razed 90 per cent of its buildings to the ground. But its stubborn inhabitants could not be broken and today Warsaw is once again the vibrant heart of one of Eastern Europe’s most intriguing countries. 

Determined to reclaim their capital, Poles reconstructed it brick by brick so that everything you see today is a recreation of what was lost. Using everything from oil paintings to postcards, architects and engineers painstakingly rebuilt the medieval old town market square from scratch. 

Incredible museums share its complex history from the musical joys of Chopin’s melodies to the tragedy of the Jewish Ghetto. But it is not all about the past Warsaw has its eyes on the future and its restaurant and entertainment scene is regarded as the best in Poland. 

What makes this destination so appealing is its affordability. Poland still hasn’t adopted the Euro and its local currency the zloty fetches a good exchange rate. It’s regarded as one of the cheapest destinations to travel in Europe. 

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