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If you’re looking for a reason to visit Poland then you’ve just found it with Krakow. Beautiful, charming and romantic, this Polish city of idyllic medieval squares and imposing Gothic architecture might be the country’s second city, but it is the number one destination for tourists visiting the country each year. 


This city knows all about the limelight. After all it was the royal capital of Poland for 500 years, meaning it’s had plenty of time to grow the rich cultural, artistic and architectural heritage you’ll find there today. And it’s certainly very impressive, with its 6000 historic buildings, nearly two-dozen museums and a staggering 2 million pieces of artwork. 



April 2014
An unmissable Sunday activity is a visit to Hala Targowa, an outdoor flea market full of Polish knick-knacks, located east of the central square. Vendors spill out onto the pavement selling communist memorabilia, army tat, dodgy watches and other nostalgic junk. Bring plenty of loose change for haggling then celebrate a great find with a snack from one of the food stalls.


July 2014
Krakow's main square rivals Barcelona's Las Ramblas for human statues. A woman in white, a hovering monk and a man in medieval clothing line up outside St Mary's Church to take photos with gangs of school kids. Be warned though: some statues are known to break their pose if they've been sufficiently annoyed...

Key Areas

October 2013
A short distance from the city centre, the Polish Aviation Museum is famous for two things: first, it houses one of the most diverse collections of aeroplanes, helicopters and gliders in Europe. The second is its magnificent new glass and concrete building, bound to make any architecture fan jump for the sky (39 Aleja Jana Paw?a II, tel: 12 640 9960).

Day Trips

July 2014
Escape the heat of Krakow by heading into the Tatry mountains to see Morskie Oko, translated as "Eye of the Sea". This large lake is cool, deep and blue, perfect for a dip. If you don't fancy the walk up to the eye, take a horse-drawn cart.

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