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Marrakech Nightlife


A newer addition to the Marrakech nightlife scene, Nomad's mid-century feel makes it look like a stylish vestige of the bohemian 1960s. The cafe's roof-terrace location is the real selling point, and whether you're sipping coffee, a glass of wine, or sampling a tagine, it's a perfect sunset stop.

Address: Rahba Kedima | Telephone: 0524 381 609 |

Piano Bar at La Maison Arabe
With its dark-wood carvings, sultry piano music and vermilion colour scheme, the Piano Bar at La Maison Arabe is the place to go for a restorative evening drink. The private-club feel is only enhanced by the elegant cocktail list and Asian-inspired finger foods.

Address: La Maison Arabe, 1 Derb Assehbe, Bab Doukkala | Telephone: 524 387 010 |

Le Studio
Despite being a very capable bistro, the highlight at Le Studio is the wine menu. The swanky decor and convivial atmosphere provide the perfect location for a relaxed evening drink at this popular bar à vins.

Address: 85 Avenue Moulay Rachid | Telephone: 0524 433 700 |


Theatro is at its best on the weekend, when live drummers, dancers and trapeze artists are on hand to accompany the thumping house soundtrack. Upmarket and sleek, the club's reputation draws international artists and DJs to the decks.

Address: Rue Ibrahim El Mazini | Telephone: 0524 448 811 |

Lounge Bar Comptoir Darna
While Comptoir Darna's ground floor houses its renowned dining room, slink upstairs and you'll be rewarded with the sultry, low-lit lounge bar. Well-mixed cocktails are a draw, and later on, after a trail of spangled belly dancers shimmy past you down the stairs, the DJs really get things going. 

Address: Avenue Echouhada | Telephone: 0524 437 702 |

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