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The New York of Africa, Casablanca is a vibrant city on the move. This is the modern face of North Africa, but a place with retains a huge amount of traditional Moroccan charm. 

Casablanca – the very name of it conjures up romantic images of 1940s film stars. But the ‘Casa’ of today is a long way from the film with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. This is the other side of Morocco, the economic and commercial heart of the country and a vast and interesting city of some four million people. Ok, so it might not have some of the ancient sights and sounds of the likes of Marrakech or Tangier, but it does have bags of its own character and a western feel that makes it seem almost as European as it is North African.

Holidays to Casablanca offer a completely different Moroccan experience, and reveal a country that is modern, vibrant and full of life. 



July 2014
In the month of Ramadan (late-June till late-July), most nightclubs are closed, as are many restaurants, since alcohol is prohibited. If you need a drink, some eateries will serve tourists, but it's hard to know which before the holy month begins. Hotel bars are a safer bet, although they can be a bit pricey.


October 2013
Thanks to the campaign group Save Cinemas in Morocco, you can still visit the city's exquisite collection of historic movie theatres. Aside from being a quintessential art-deco experience, it's a cause worth supporting since Casa's cinemas are under heavy threat of closure, tantamount to cultural catastrophe. savecinemasinmarocco.com

Key Areas

July 2014
L'Atelier Vintage is a veritable Aladdin's cave of one-off pieces. From gorgeous, Liberty-style cushion covers to bijou lampshades, quirky clocks and teapots, you're sure to find something adorable. Open Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-7pm (53 Rue Abou el Kacem el Zehahi).

Day Trips

January 2014
There's little in the way of nature to be seen in Casablanca, aside from the coast, so thank heavens for Bouskoura Forest. Spreading out over kilometres, it offers a breath of fresh air and is great for biking and walking. Watch out for the processionary caterpillars, though (Route A7, Casablanca).

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