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Pristina Nightlife


One of the best places to drink wine in Pristina, Hera boasts one of the best views in town as it's located on the 8th floor of Hotel Sirius. More tranquil than some of the other restaurant/bars found down below, this is where you come for a nightcap or sophisticated evening of wine tasting. They are known for their rare French wine collection, most of which come from Bordeaux.

Address: Str. Agim Ramadani | Telephone: |


Pristina Hackerspace
Pristina Hackerspace, just up the street from the main cathedral, has expanded and opened an underground bar open to everyone. Live music every Friday night and BBQs in the garden are frequent during summer. All profits go to sustaining the community based co-working space that occupies the floors above.

Address: Ganimete Terbeshi Str, No. 2 | Telephone: |

Located in Prishtina's old train station, this is where the biggest partiers in Pristina - locals and expats alike - end up dancing to at the end of the night and usually until the sun comes up. Mostly local DJs, but occasionally they host some lesser-known international ones.

Address: Railway Station Prishtina | Telephone: |

Zone Club
The most well-known club in Prishtina, Zone Club's winter location near the football stadium is now up and running until summer. This is where you come to party all night long and sometimes even until the next day depending on what DJ - both local and international - they have on the agenda. 

Address: st. Garibaldi | Telephone: |

M Club
What all the cool kids are doing. Head to this two-story house turned bar/club/cultural center if you fancy partying alongside the hipsters and artistés of Pristina. 

Address: Nazim Gafurri | Telephone: |

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