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Pristina is a city in flux that is buzzing with its new found freedom and self identity. You won’t find many cities in Europe with such an exciting atmosphere. 

Pristina really is a city where politics, recent history, ancient history and day-to-day life collide. Where stark communist blocks lie next to striking remnants of its Ottoman past. Beautiful 15th century mosques, hamams, clock towers and bazaars are all here to give you that distinctive eastern feeling. Amongst all this you’ll find the hustle and bustle of the city’s community life, mostly through the hum of the open-air cafes that flank the streets, particularly in Dardania. Sitting and drinking coffee is a national pastime and you’ll be hard pushed to get a better macchiato anywhere in the world. And when they’re not feeding their caffeine addictions the locals like nothing better than to hit the bars around Rexhep Luci and Peyton, where musical preferences range from dance and rock to hip-hop and jazz.

And throughout the city you’ll find fabulous eateries selling everything from local dishes to high-class cuisine, not to mention good quality kebab vendors on every corner. 



Pay a visit to the statue of Bill Clinton, which stands in a small park along "Bulevard Bil Klinton", beneath a huge billboard of the man. Hillary Clinton personally unveiled the statue on a state visit in 2011, and said she liked the colour.

Key Areas

Make time for a visit to the Kosova Art Gallery for a fresh dose of modern art. There are regularly changing exhibitions of local and international artists, and special events (60 Rruga Agim Ramadani, galeriakombetare.com).

Head for the city's best music event, the Pristina Jazz Festival, held on 1-7 November at the Oda Theatre. This year, among others, the Willard Dyson Quartet, Tineke Postma and Ivan Paduart Trio are expected to play. jazzprishtina.com

Prizren, just an hour west of Pristina, hosts the DokuFest documentary film festival on 16-24 August. Thousands of young Kosovars gather here every year to watch world-class factual films. dokufest.com

Day Trips

Get away for some skiing in Brezovica, 70km south of Pristina. The slopes are excellent, with accommodation, restaurants and bars getting better every year. Avoid busy weekends and check in advance if the chair lifts are running (Dane ski rental, danebrezovica@yahoo.com).

Escape to Janjevo, a charming ethnically mixed town located a 40-minute drive south of Pristina, which used to have a sizeable Croatian minority. Explore the quaint streets, try the tasty local sausage at the Friday market, or spend the night at a home stay. janjevatourism.wordpress.com

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