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Take a trip to Cagliari, Sardinia’s cultural and artistic capital city.

The town is full of traditional piazzas with bars and restaurants. Try the famous mouth-watering dish, Porceddu; delicately roasted suckling pig. Or indulge in some fresh barbequed fish, such as sea bass or some red mullet.

If you wish to pick up some souvenirs, there are numerous shops in the port area, or alternatively you can head to La Rinascente, the city’s main department store, with a variety of boutiques mixed with big name shops.

Cagliari was originally a thriving Carthaginian town called Karalis before becoming the Roman capital of Sardinia. There is thousands of years’ worth of history to explore, from archaeological remains and beautiful ancient churches to artefact-packed museums.

If you’re after luxurious white sand and clear blue seas head to Baia Chia beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe



On 1 May thousands of Sardinians dressed in traditional costume take part in a colourful religious procession through the narrow streets of Cagliari to worship Saint Efisio. A must-see for every visitor! cagliariturismo.it/en

Key Areas

The San Benedetto Market is one of Italy's biggest and most colourful markets. The two floors full of regional produce, including cheese, meat, vegetables, fruits and fish, are a shopping experience not to be missed (50 Via Francesco Cocco Ortu).

The old salt fields of Cagliari have become a huge nature reserve in the middle of the city. The Parco del Molentargius hosts flamingos and many more species that can be observed from the various jogging trails and bicycle paths (Via la Palma).

During summer nights Cagliari's party people meet on the Poetto beach to enjoy live music, a cold drink and a refreshing sea breeze in one of the numerous beach bars.

Day Trips

La Cala del Morto is a tiny little beach tucked away on the coast of Chia renowned for its emerald waters. Protected from winds, it's ideal for sunbathing on a spring day. Go to the Campana beach and then follow the trail to the left.

Visit the ancient Phoenician and Roman city of Nora, a 30-minute drive south-west of Cagliari. In a beautiful setting right on the tip of a narrow headland surrounded by emerald waters, it is one of the archaeological highlights of Sardinia. sardegnaturismo.it

How about having one of the world's best beaches all for yourself? Head out to Costa Rei, an hour east of Cagliari, in November or December and enjoy a stroll along the superb 7km-stretch of fine sand and turquoise waters without anyone around. cagliariturismo.it

Boasting emerald waters and white sand dunes, the spectacular beaches of Chia are Europe's very own Caribbean paradise, and only a 40-minute drive south-west of Cagliari.

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