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As Italian as pizza, pasta and parmesan, Brindisi is Italy as it once was, full of old world charm, untouched beaches and home cooked food. 

Previously used only as a port to get to Greece and its islands, today the Italian city of Brindisi is undergoing something of a renaissance when it comes to attracting the discerning tourist. Not only is the city starting to get the attention it deserves for its wealth of history and picturesque harbour, but it is also being seen as the gateway to Puglia – one of the few remaining gems of Italy to be untouched by mass tourism. 



Tucked away, in the cloisters of the old convent of San Michele, you will find craft workshops selling hand painted silk, art glass, leather goods, embroidery, baby clothes, decorative contemporary lights made from recycled plastic and more. Boutiques open most mornings. Via Tarantini 33

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This is the perfect time to visit the beautiful beaches of the Torre Guaceto nature reserve. Outside peak season, you need a car to get there, but it is worth the cost of a taxi (13 km from Brindisi). In the summer months and at weekends there is a visitor centre and café. or bring your own picnic.

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