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Tel Aviv Restaurants

Cheap Restaurants

Given Tel Aviv's reputation as a city that never sleeps, Benedict is a boon for its hungry party people. As well as classic eggs Benedict, there's a midnight-special version featuring ground beef instead of ham, and Sunday is pancake day.

Address: 171 Ben Yehuda Street | Telephone: 03 544 0345 |

Affordable Greek dining has arrived in elegant north Tel Aviv with this casual restaurant that specialises in grilled meats and bountiful mezze selections.

Address: 25 Uri Tsvi Greenberg | Telephone: 03 741 1022 |

Fine Dining Restaurants

Pan-Asian food is big in Tel Aviv, and this latest addition to the see-and-be-seen dinner scene specialises in steamed BBQ pork buns, Bangalore chikken tikka and lamb chops grilled over aromatic coals.

Address: 14 Hasolelim | Telephone: 03 691 0691 |

Herbert Samuel
Yonatan Roshfeld is Tel Aviv's most famous chef, thanks to the Israeli version of Masterchef, and this restaurant opposite Alma Beach, his flagship, gets ever more popular. Not surprising, given the elegant room overlooking the ocean and the very good food: you'll never eat a tomato salad as good as Roshfeld's. Also not to be missed is the plate of Red Sea prawns on a bed of corn and chipotle bisque.

Address: 6 Koifman Street, Neve Tzedek | Telephone: 03 516 6516 |