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Tel Aviv Restaurants

Cheap Restaurants

This basic looking caff on the edge of Carmel Market has been rated one of the world's top 101 restaurants by Yotam Ottolenghi. Not quite as "simple and utilitarian" as he describes it, the emphasis is on super fresh seasonal fare and the menu includes delectable raw fish tapas and white pizza with black truffles. Open from late morning till the early hours, Sunday to Friday.

Address: 4 HaShomer Street, Carmel Market | Telephone: 03 516 9234 |

Cafe Levinsky 41
Take refreshment while exploring the Levinsky spice market at this tiny cafe, whose raison d'etre is amazing concoctions based on fresh juices. Wash down a sandwich with clementine juice zinged up with rosemary, rose water and goji-berry soda, or home-pressed cider with ginger and lemon. Owner Benny also makes chocolate truffles and marzipan balls to be enjoyed with his excellent coffee.

Address: 41 Levinsky | Telephone: 058 448 8480 |

New Yorker Eytan White has brought the buffalo wings concept to Tel Aviv and offers them, kosher, from noon till 2am with at least a dozen different sauces. Spice-fiends will enjoy "Chicago" style with sriracha, honey and thyme, but there are lots of options that are milder and sweeter. Extras include sweet-potato fries with dipping sauce and onion rings with ranch dressing.

Address: 12 Herzl | Telephone: 03 670 8010 |

Affordable Restaurants

The Ramla
Given the popularity of sushi in Tel Aviv, yakitori was bound to follow. Chef Tevet Saul grills a wide variety of fish, meat and vegetables on his barbecue in a new restaurant on the site of the Stefan Braun eatery. A huge vinyl disc mounted on the wall to advertise specials are a nod to the place's rock music history.

Address: 97 Allenby Street | Telephone: (03) 560 4725 |

This buzzy new tapas bar is a welcome new addition to the supper offerings in the old Jaffa railway station, now a shopping and dining complex. As well as that Tel Aviv favourite, pizza bianco (here served with artichokes), specialities include drum fish in celery cream and raw tuna, both as tartare and sashimi. Expect to wash them down with cocktails rather than the traditional sherry.  

Address: Ha'Tachana | Telephone: (03) 558 9855 |

Balkan cuisine has arrived in the picturesque heart of Old Jaffa, thanks to writer Lior Gerti.  Keen to honour her origins, she teamed up with a chef who also has Balkan heritage, and the menu features specialities from both their grandmothers' recipe books. Highly recommended are mosca, a take on moussaka, and borekyo, filo pastry stuffed with spinach, cheese and potato and topped with an egg.

Address: 3 Pinchas Ben Ya'ir Street | Telephone: 03 552 1333 |

Chef Benny Arbel's buzzy late-opening rooftop bar-restaurant is a great place for skyline-viewing now that Tel Aviv's nightlife has moved away from the beach towards the city centre. Expect great cocktails and a substantial bar menu, which includes sashimi, fried calamari and exceptional pizzas. Evenings only from 8.30pm (6pm Saturdays). No reservations.

Address: 24 Se'adiya Gaon Street | Telephone: |

Fine Dining Restaurants

This richly-decorated room is a great place to cosy up in during winter. The Mediterranean menu is heavy on olive oil (a little bottle of which comes to the table), sweet tomatoes grown in the desert and the full gamut of Mediterranean flavours. Raphael even comes with its own nightcap, the buzzy late-night bar on the same premises.

Address: 87 Hayarkon Street | Telephone: 03 522 6464 |

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