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Budapest Sightseeing


Good old fashioned trainspotting fun is to be had at Miniversum, a new attraction on Andrássy avenue, the Champs-Élysées of Budapest. Interactive light, sound and motion controls liven up incredible scale models of Budapest, Vienna and also smaller Hungarian towns such as Tata and Gyor. The details are quite impressive, with 1000s of miniature figures, 100s of buildings and dozens of replica towns. Miniversum, Andrássy út 12.

Sirius Teaház Bródy Sándor u. 13, 1088 If you want to see what off-grid/underground Budapest hospitality was like before the days of multi-lingual menus and wifi everywhere, climb through the maze of interconnected rooms at this subterranean, through-the-looking glass sort of place. They have 80 different types of tea on offer, a miniature bouncing castle for the kids, and you can forget that the 21st century even got started.

Key Areas

The Budapest Jazz Club has had various incarnations and locations, but this finally does it justice. With elegant supper room, auditorium for serious jazz buffs, a charming café open during the day (and good for escaping the summer heat): This place has "it". High rotate of local and touring musicians too of course. Hollán Ern

Day Trips

Not so much escape - as run for your life! Nightmare in Budapest is part interactive theatre/part Ghost train, and all good, clean, scary fun. Players navigate a series of chambers, inhabited by ghouls and monsters, played with a aplomb by local actors. Not for the feint of heart perhaps - although they do give players a "safe word" if it all gets too much. Nightmare in Budapest ? Rákóczi út 30, 1072

If you want to get out of the sweltering city for a day or so, take the train to Székesfehérvár. This large, airy country town was once the capital of Hungary. Must sees include its Basilica, where 37 Hungarian kings were crowned, and a little bit away from the centre, the Bory Castle. The so-called 'Hungarian Taj Mahal' was the life's work and obsession of sculptor, Jen

A short train, bus, taxi or courtesy car ride just across the Slovakian border from Budapest lies the majestic baroque mansion, Château Béla. Loveliest perhaps now in spring, this is a wonderful escape from things like smog and road rage. Room rates are reasonable, meaning you can live the life of landed gentry to which you wish to be accustomed - without the expenditure.

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