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Budapest Restaurants

Cheap Restaurants

 A cross between an old fashioned butcher and an old style worker's café, garnished with a touch of hipster irony on top. The name translates to the juiciest part of the meat, and that's what they aim to serve, whether ribs, duck legs, pork knuckles, or stew. It's located deep in the 7th district, the old Jewish ghettto that is now home to endless barbers, tattoo parlours and beer and burger joints. With its white tiled walls and long wooden tables, this makes for a refreshing alternative - providing you're not vegetarian, of course. 

Address: Dob utca 31 | Telephone: |

Babuska Sveta
Up until now, a Russian restaurant in Hungary meant caviar, limousines parked outside, and so on. This modestly priced daytime eatery with a takeout and delivery service is a welcome alternative. Their borscht (spicy beetroot soup) will is ideal hangover food. A place to try Russian favourites like blinis and beef stroganoff, without spending like an oligarch. 

Address: Katona Jozsef utca 24 | Telephone: +36706388700 |

My Canteen
There are actually three of these dotted around Budapest. This is a no frills, no fuss diner with a cool retro style, and nothing on the menu over 1290 forint. Which makes it a bargain, even by local standards. The one on Vaci is a great place to rest and fill up while on the tourist trail.   

Address: Váci u. 81 | Telephone: |

Lángos Papa
Lángos is a deep-fried flatbread, beloved by Hungarians. As 'connoisseurs', we could wish the lángos here was just a little less flaky, but it's not bad at that, and very well priced. Home-sweet-home décor and a locale on the Champs Élysées of Budapest also make it hard to pass by.

Address: Andrássy út 38 | Telephone: |

Affordable Restaurants

Fat Mama Eatery
 Adjacent to a boutique hostel, Fat Mama Eatery serves up hearty and wholesome food from breakfast until late - until 2am on weekends. The decor is sparse to the point of austere, but the friendly service and quite friendly prices serve to warm things up quite pleasantly. They take great pride in being the only restaurant in downtown Budapest with an authentic BBQ smoker pit, yet they also provide a respectable range of vegetarian options. 

Address: Kazinczy street 24 | Telephone: |

The name translates to 'housecoat', a garment favoured by many a traditional granny or aunt. And aside from a few concessions to international cuisine (hamburgers/pizzas), this is straight down the line Hungarian comfort food. Duck stew, home made pasta with jam, paprika with potatoes: it's all good stick-to your-bones central European fare. Enjoy it now while it's still brisk outside. 

Address: Szentkirályi utca 23 1088 | Telephone: |

Good Quality Restaurants

This grill and wine bar on the premises of a boutique hotel serves up succulent Hungarian fare, with special emphasise on charcoal-grilled meats. Yet they have a robust vegetarian selection too. Who's up for mac and cheese with shitake and brioche crumble? If it's warm enough, sit outside on the cobblestone pavement, and enjoy the impossibly picturesque setting: the ruins of a 13th century church on a quiet city square. 

Address: Országház utca 31. | Telephone: 300 7050 |

Akademia Italia
With its own cooking school, television series and Italian deli, this place is the nerve centre of the current Hungarian craze for Italian cuisine. In the shadow of the mighty St Stephen's basilica, but fairly priced and the service is no-fuss professional too.   

Address: Szent István tér 12 | Telephone: 301 0563 |

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