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With a rich history and an even richer coastline, action-packed resorts, and mountain scenery, Kos has been pulling in the tourists for decades.  Long before it was its beaches attracting the crowds, Kos was pulling in a very different type of tourist. Travellers came to the island looking to be cured at the healing sanctuary known as the Asclepion, the remains of which can still be seen today, almost two and a half thousand years later. And did you know that Hippocrates, the father of medicine, also came from Kos? Well you do now. Don’t miss the ruins of the world’s first medical school, which he built here.

Check out the island’s main town too, called, yes you guessed it, Kos Town. If you like your ports picturesque then you’ll love this one, sitting impressively under the watchful eye of a medieval castle, complete with narrow, cobbled streets and pretty little squares. The town also doubles up as a lively resort with everything a tourist could wish for, from bustling nightclubs to typical Greek tavernas and beaches with every type of amenity imaginable. 



Visit the Hatzinikolaou Winery for wine tastings: it's the best of the recently opened Kos vintners. They do eight labels of red, and one sweet dessert wine. You'll find it on the main island road, 6 kilometres west of town; tel 22420 28132.


Salt Depot Hamam, Behind Police Station, seafront, April to Oct Tues to Sun 9.30am to 4pm. It's well worth popping into these tastefully restored 17th century baths, with marble flooring, basins and bronze taps in situ, plus an antechamber for changing and reclining. Good labelling explains public bathing and the current structure, in use until 1948.

See a film at Orpheus, Fenaréti 3, Kos Town (early June to late Sept), one of the loveliest outdoor cinemas in Greece. Screenings are at 9pm and/or 11.15pm. Admission is €7; some hotels provide discount vouchers.

Key Areas

Municipal Historic & Folklore Museum, Grigoríou tou Pémptou crner Andoníou Ioannídi Mon to Fri 10am to 1pm, free entry. Archival photos and posters, many rare, cover the period from 1912 to the 1950s: the Italian occupation, World War II, the British administration, the union with Greece. There are some old German and UK aircrafts too. Worth a visit.

Kos Town's archaeological museum should re-open by June 2016, after a long refurbishment. Marvel at the Hellenistic mosaics and statuary, including of the island's favourite son, Hippokrates. It's set to be open every day apart from Mondays.

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