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If you’re seeking a sample of tranquil Greek island life, then Kefalonia is the perfect place to visit. Kefalonia is one of the Ionian Islands in Greece, often referred to by its Italian name Cefalonia or even Kefallinia – the name of the entire area and the airport which services it. It’s a location that is famed for being the setting of ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’, but thankfully the island has not sold out to movie merchandising and has kept its quaint and charming personality in abundance. 

Being an island you’re never far away from the gorgeous waters of both the Ionian and Mediterranean seas. A mixture of pebbled and sandy beaches await you and are often accompanied by picturesque fishing villages, where the catch of the day can be bought and cooked in Grecian style. Myrtos Beach to the north of the island is considered by some to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The four peninsulas of the island host a number of large mountains, creating some outstanding scenery to explore and conceal a number of beautiful caverns and caves that stretch under the entire island. The position of Kefalonia makes it easy to hop over to other Islands that are in the vicinity and sample as many of these beautiful locations as possible. 



If you are looking to pick up something arty and colourful as a souvenir, whether in the form of jewellery, paintings, bags or other artefacts, Zefyros Art on the seafront at Sami has a decent selection.


As quite a large town, Argostoli puts on a fairly large parade to celebrate Ohi Day on 28th October, the anniversary of when Metaxas said "No" to Mussolini's proposal to occupy part of Greece on that date in 1940.

If you are around in mid-August, look out for special church celebrations for the Assumption of the Holy Virgin on 15th, most famously marked by the extraordinary annual appearance of harmless snakes at the village of Markopoulo.

Key Areas

The peaceful monastery of the island's patron Saint Gerasimos near Frangata is well worth a visit. Don't miss the underground cave in the crypt, where the holy man meditated and which you can climb into for a brief period of reflection.

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