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Kalamata city sits in the Peloponnese, southern region of Greece. As a lesser-known tourist spot, Kalamata offers a peaceful respite to visitors and is the perfect base from which to explore this fascinating region.

Situated at the heart of the Messinian Gulf, this is the place where the Kalamata black olive flourishes in sunny climes. Find tranquillity on Kalamata’s beaches with a leisurely stroll along the long stretches of golden sand. You can sample delicious fresh food in the restaurants and tavernas which line the promenade.

It was here in the Peloponnese that the revolt against the Turks began, leading to the Greek War of Independence (1821-1831). Take the opportunity to soak up some history by exploring the historical centre with its neoclassical buildings, 13th century castle and museums.


TOP SPOTS TO VISIT Mythical Peloponnese

Mythical Peloponnese

The Peloponnese is a mythical region with huge variations to its landscape, making the journey and tour a fascinating experience: Tall imposing mountains with legendary woods and snow-frosted peaks, rivers heavy with legends and myths, wonderful sandy beaches, islands and deserted islets with closely-guarded secrets.

The history and culture of the Peloponnese are a part of the world’s heritage that can be discovered by visitors via a plethora of well-maintained monuments covering all of the periods of the region’s history and, what’s more, all located within a few kilometres of each other.

Ancient Corinth

The archaeological site of Ancient Corinth is situated in a village bearing the same name, only a few kilometers from the modern town of Corinth. The area was first inhabited during the Neolithic period, at the eastern foothills of Acrocorinth hill. It was developed in a strategic location; were land communication could be controlled between Peloponnesus and Central Greece, oversaw the fertile valley of Corinth. The peak period of ancient Corinth begins with the foundation of its colonies, mainly Corcyra and Syracuse. The Corinthians introduced the trireme to Greece. Ancient Corinth was the most significant commercial destination in the Greek territory. The excavations brought to light the imposing temple of Apollo, the Agora, the temple of Octavia, the shops of Lechaion road, Apostle Paul’s Podium, the theater and the Odeon.


The imposing hill of Monemvasia with the castle and the traditional settlement is considered one of the most popular touristic attractions in the world. The entire fortress town offers the opportunity for romantic walks through the medieval past of the Lower Town with its gates, the cisterns, the byzantine churches and the arches. At the port of Monemvasia you will also have the chance to sit and enjoy local delicacies and fresh fish at the various taverns, with an exquisite view of the rock. The area has various excellent products, but you should definitely try the honey and the olive oil, the famous wine Malvasia and local almond cakes.  



April 2014
It might not be the first activity you associate with Greece, but if you fancy a night knocking down some skittles, Cosmic Bowling has smart air-conditioned lanes and a lively well-stocked bar ((14 Stenyklarou).


October 2013
October is peak time for the grape harvest. Watch the ripe fruit being plucked from the vines and transported to the many local wineries in pick-up trucks, then relax at a local taverna over a glass or two of the finished product.

Day Trips

April 2014
It is worth making the journey to see the unmissable caves of Pyrgos Dirou, at the neck of the Mani, where you will be punted through the elaborate underground system, a real geological wonderland.

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